December 28, 2015

New Creations 2015

Last year I compiled a list of all the sewing projects I had completed in 2014 (find it here), and I thought I would do the same again for this year. In 2014 I completed 35 projects, and I remember thinking that was a ton! Funny, as this year I more than doubled that total! That's a lot of sewing!

I of course am already deep into planning my 2016 sewing, and half way through a dress that I'm not sure to count as a 2015 or 2016 project. It lives in limbo until I can buy a zipper to put in it! I will soon be diving into many 1940's projects, including both dresses and suiting! Oh and also a few hats, you all know how I love a nice hat :)

Below you will find each of the many projects listed and each linked to a post where you can see the item in question.

The Great List of Sewing Projects Completed in 2015:

Dresses:  Total-17

-Black renaissance inspired dress
-Black and gold leopard brocade dress
-Black floral jacquard cotton dress
-Red, navy, and sage green deco floral cotton dress
-African/Dutch wax print 50's dress
-Black floral poly 20's/30's dress in pink and purple
-Black floral poly 20's dress in orange and aqua
-Brown, black, and white print circle skirt dress
-Navy gingham late 40's dress
-Floral print blue cotton 40's dress 
-Tropical print 50's dress circle skirt dress 
-1930's blue dot rainbow dress
-Black, silver, purple, and blue butterfly brocade dress
-Digital print senior collection design dress
-Burgundy buffalo plaid wool dress
-Blue/grey velvet dress
-Plum velvet 1920's dress (I'll be showing you all this finished project later this week!)

Tops:   Total-25

-Tropical fern chiffon bishop sleeved blouse
-Green trees liberty print blouse
-Blade runner liberty fabric blouse
-Red roses print cotton blouse
-Japanese print blouse
-Fern print batik blouse
-Leaf tan and brown batik blouse
-Black and teal floral cotton blouse
-Last crusade inspired bishop sleeve elsa blouse blue atomic fleck
-Tan safari-ish button down
-Teal and black print linen blouse
-White Peggy blouse with red stitching
-Navy and tiny flowers bow front blouse
-Olive/golden green rayon blouse
-Black and red and green sheer florals crepe blouse
-Brown and green moire top
-Fall floral silk bishop sleeved blouse
-Grey bishop sleeved bow blouse
-Long bishop sleeved navy floral blouse
-Plaid taffeta Christmas blouse

Skirts:   Total-16

-Brown and green moire skirt

Costumes:  Total pieces-6

-Bustle era chemise

Hats:   Total-7

-Leopard black and gold pillbox
-White and blue striped boater with vintage flowers
-Fall fruits and berries hat

Total Projects: 71

That's right, 71 projects! Goodness! I would never have guessed I had finished that many sewing projects in 2015, but I guess my wardrobe has grown more than I'd thought! Though in truth, my wardrobe itself hasn't grown much, as several cleaning sessions this past year meant I have donated or thrown out lots of old stuff I either didn't wear anymore (or that never had even worked in the first place). As I continue to evolve my style, I find the more vintage the better! I am going to try and add some real vintage to my wardrobe this year too, if I can manage to find anything in my larger measurements! The task is proving difficult, but that's why I have my trusty sewing machine for when I have to go repro!

For the seamstresses out there, what was your favorite project of the year? I don't think I could choose a favorite off of my list!


  1. I don't do that much sewing for myself, as I volunteer costume and teach sewing (it kills my mojo). BUT. I did get a couple of quickie projects out this year, and my fave was a pants alteration. A pair of wool pants, uh, shrunk in the wash, and so although they fit, I would have burst seams with little effort put into it. (The lining remained the same length and hung an inch below the hem, so I DO think it shrunk) I wound up just cutting out the lining (it was shattered), detaching the waistband near both side seams, and adding a strip of wool/cashmere that I had scraps of all along the side seams. Pleated it back into the waistband (as that still fit) and voila! My shrunk but cozy wool pants had a new lease on life!

    I didn't want to give them up, because, pockets. :-P

    Also, I promise I'll get around to working on the tailored jacket on the soon side of life.

    Also ALSO wik, the book that my student used for her tailoring class is published by Creative Publishing International, and is simply called "Tailoring" with a supertitle of "The Classic Guide to Sewing the Perfect Jacket". The front cover has a yellow measuring tape dancing across the shoulders of an incomplete navy jacket and has "400 How-To Photographs". (The fact that there's no author listed makes me nervous about FINDING it.) ISBN: 1-58923-230-5 for soft cover, 1-58923-609-2 otherwise.

    1. I totally can understnad that, now that I am a seamstress for my "day job" I worry I will end up doing less sewing in my own time! There is nothing like a little alteration to fix something you have missed wearing! You have reminded me about a hem I need to fix...

      I still would love to see that jacket project, I'm going to working on a pattern and mock up for my first jacket this weekend! I have a few tailoring books floating around my sewing room but I'll have to see if our local library has the one you've mentioned!

  2. Wow! That is a ton of sewing. My favorite always seems to be whatever I just made:)

    1. Thanks Piper! I can understand that, but then sometimes I finish something and never want to see it again! Occasional sewing frustrations :)

  3. That is a staggering amount of sewing. Wow, wow and wow again! Phenomenal work. I've so enjoyed seeing all of your new handmade pieces throughout the year. You are off-the-charts talented, my lovely friend!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you Jessica! I was rather surprised when I added it all up! <3

  4. Oh my gosh! 71 projects!! I gotta step my game way way up!! Oh man, all the things you made were amazing, I simply can't pick one! I can't wait to see what you create this year! Oh, any new knitting plans?

    Carla, Tiny Angry Crafts

    1. Thanks Carla! To be fair I didn't have school to contend with like you do! Back when I was in school I rarely made anything at all for myself and only made things for class. I really do want to pick up my knitting again, though I fear I'll be switching to fingering weight yarn and smaller needles soon (and thus projects will take forever) as all the patterns on my wishlist seem to be of a finer weight. First I have to finish my abandoned brown sweater in lovely tweed worsted wool!

  5. That's an amazing amount of sewing, Bianca! I'm stunned, as I've only managed about 13-14 this year. Let's hope next year is just as productive for you! :D

    1. Thanks Ellie! 13-14 still averages just over 1 a month, and as I imagine you have school too that's quite great too!

  6. Wow! What an amazing number of projects! I find that really inspiring. You have made some really great items in 2015. Hope 2016 is just as great a year for sewing. And knitting!

    1. Thank you Kate! I hope your 2016 is full of fun projects too :)


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