April 17, 2015

Wool and Fern Print Chiffon

Do I already have a dress made out of this fabric? Yes. Did that stop me from buying more and making a blouse?...No. I just love this colorful mottled fern print chiffon! Since they still had some at my favorite local fabric store, I decided a long sleeved blouse was just the thing.

The little velvet hat I am wearing here today was a hand me down gift from my grandparents and belonged to my great aunt. It is from the 20's or 30's based on the font of the label inside, which is perfectly deco looking. Today we woke up to a snowy landscape once more. Heavy wet snow was weighing down the poor tree branches and burying the fresh spring growth. Hopefully all of the spring blossoms won't have been spoiled, and more still I hope all this melts soon! I am tired of snow!

Happy weekend everyone, I know mine is off to a great start thanks to that new Star Wars VII teaser trailer yesterday! Nerdy, and proud :)

Blouse: Made by me
Skirt: Made by me
Tights: Target
Shoes: Target
Jewelry: Made by me
Hat: Vintage


  1. Great doorway for photos! I do like this fabric as a blouse and the hat sets off your outfit perfectly.

    1. Thanks Kate! It is quite the magnificent doorway, one day i'll do photos from the other side of the door inside the mansion for a different view!


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