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  1. Hi there, just wondering where you got the shirt for Evelyn (the Mummy), or the brand name of the one you posted. Its a perfect shirt!

    1. Hello Erica! I'm sorry to say I'm pretty sure I just searched "striped button front blouse" or something similar on google/pinterest until I saw one that worked! Sorry I can't be of any help :(

  2. I am obsessed with Eve Arden's two beautiful brooches she wears in the film "Cover Girl" and am searching everywhere for them. I cannot get a close look at them but the top one looks like a koi fish and the bottom one looks like a goldfish. Do you know anything about them? I have looked at Eisenberg, Coro, Hattie Carnegie, etc...and just am stumped! I absolutely love the fashions and wish more women would wear them now! Thank you for your help!


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