April 19, 2018

Memory of Wisteria

Sadly there is no real wisteria here in Colorado, or at least I have never seen any around. I had never properly seen the real flower before until I was visiting France last spring and spotted it draped over terraces and old stone walls and fell in love with the delicate purple color and elegant clustered petals. I'll have to settle for the little grey blue wisteria in this printed rayon dress instead this year, but this dress is one of my favorites to wear in Spring!

This is also one of my most favorite hats, and I didn't even wear it once last year *shame* I must prevent such a calamity from reoccurring by wearing it more often this straw season (there is a straw hat season no?). Underneath my hat...well, would you like to hear a tale of woe? Probably not, but I shall provide one nonetheless. You all know I had my purple hair for a while, and then I ombre/gradientified it for a bit, but I decided last week it was time to return to a mousy grey-ish brown. Something similar to what my natural shade seems to be. Though because I haven't seen my natural hair color in over a decade, it is hard to know what it really is! Well, let me tell you, my hair decided to be a real p a i n in the arse. My wonderful hairstylist got the purple out no problem, and I had a light blond shade underneath it that we then tried to tone into a silvery mousy dark blonde/light brown. So of course it turned out a murky teal toned grey... like too murky, like not "oh cute teal!" more like swamp mermaid. Now if I was into rocking the grunge look this may have been okay, but as you all know my style leans a little less edgy cool and a lot more vintage, so tealish grey just wasn't going to work. Of course, we could just fix it right?

Uh sure. My hair had some very odd reactions to most of what we tried to put on it. It was just real angry I had un-purpled I guess. It turned many colors over the hours, peach at one point, ice blonde at another. So now its had color remover on it twice (yes, my ends are real crunchy now...may be time for another trim), and three different color treatments on it in the last week. Not good for the hair kids, and not good for my morale really. In this week's outfit posts you may be able to tell my color is a bit photo-shopped along for some extra help looking normal...so I apologize for getting heavy handed in the editing, but believe me it's for the best. In the end we ended up putting a copper warmth back in, and a light brown over that, and even that only barely took-- my hair is s a d now. In the end it's now a rather golden light brown color and needs some serious deep conditioner (hello Ulta here I come). I don't think I'll be doing any heat styling for a few weeks!

So the lesson is, going from dying your hair since you were 15/16 to your "natural" color is not as simple as a nice tube of brown hair dye, and always find yourself an awesome stylist who rolls with the crazy things your hair pulls, and also: maybe it's better to buy a purple wig and keep your hair brown if you know it isn't going to be a long term change...

but hey, I never claimed to be a real adult so like, eh? Bring on the tubs of shea butter and coconut oil...

Dress: Made by me
Shoes: Bait Footwear
Fishnets: Amazon
Bag, Gloves, Hat, & Earrings

April 16, 2018

In Bloom

The trees are finally flowering! Hooray!

And yes...that is a new black plastiflex clutch! Because having one black plastiflex clutch is just not enough, *ahem*, of course one must collect as many as possible right? This one is smaller than my usual one, so obviously, I had to have it. I love plastiflex, but you all knew that all ready didn't you? I want a red one now...

This dress is a new-to-me vintage number, but I'm not sure how long it will remain in my closet. Though I love the print and the fit is almost perfect, the armholes are a little tight, and the acetate fabric is not the most comfortable to wear. I really do love the black and white print so I will be on the lookout for similar patterns in cotton for future summer sewing projects. That's right sewing projects, because I simply must get sewing again. And I will be able to because...

I FINISHED THE DRAFT OF MY BOOK! (!!!!!) Now, you all may have heard me mention my long suffering fiction project that I have been working on off-and-on for six years now--and this book that I just finished last week is actually not that book, but is a completely new story I only started writing back in February! Yes, I wrote a 145,000 (yep, way too long oops) word book over the last few months. Of course I have accomplished nothing else, but also, I wrote a darn book! It's still feels a bit crazy that it is done, and of course there is a high chance no one else will read it/like it/publish it, but it still feels pretty awesome to have finished a whole draft of a fiction book. I'd love to be a published author someday and this certainly feels like being one step closer :) Luckily I love editing so now the fun continues as I work through re-reading and editing the whole draft over and over again!

I hope you all get to read it someday, if I ever have any updates on that front you will be the first to know ;)

Dress, Clutch, Belt, Gloves, Hat, Necklace: Vintage
Fishnets: Amazon
Shoes: Remix

April 12, 2018

Cataloging Catalogs: Ward's Fall/Winter 1947-1948, Even More Dresses!

Sometimes in the middle of scanning all of these pages the dresses start to look very similar. Well, truth be told, many of these dresses are very similar, but the first few pages of today's run actually have some real gems that I would love to replicate for my closet! I am not a huge fan of a shirt dress/house dress myself, just because I feel they make me look super matronly for whatever reason, but the different style lines and pretty geometric patterns of the other dresses here are right up my alley!

I promise I'll be back with more than inspiration images soon, I've been both bust writing and waiting out my awkward in-between-hair-color and in-between-weather situations! There is an end in sight for all of those issues, so you will see more of me soon ;)

April 9, 2018

Spring Style Inspiration 2018

Stuck in the in-between. With winter and spring still at odds, with the confused weather outside, with bare trees and snow still on the ground, and currently-- I'm even in between hair colors (I'm fading out my purple for a color change appointment next weekend...) so no outfit photos this week! I didn't leave the house, I've just been editing all weekend ;)

In an effort to get excited for spring to truly arrive, lets just dive into some pretty images to inspire our spring wardrobe choices yes? I know I am looking forward to wearing something other than woolens and picking up some pastels finally! I'm hoping that the snow will cease and the flowering tress will bloom soon, but until then fashion may be the only outlet for bringing florals and color in my life. If you are interested in even more inspiration for spring, I have done pulled a similar collection of springtastic images together from around the internet before, so check out 2017's and 2016's posts for even more.

I've got some spring cleaning and organization to do soon as well, having pushed everything but writing aside this year. I am so lucky to have had inspiration of another kind dominate my year so far, even if it has put me behind in everything else! Cheers to new beginnings and new ideas :)

April 6, 2018

Cataloging Catalogs: Ward's Fall/Winter 1947-1948, More Dresses!

I may be MIA around here, but I did spend a bit of quality time with my scanner this morning to digitize some more pages of the 1947/1948 Fall Winter Montgomery Wards catalog! More dresses today, and the dresses are the best so no complaints there...except perhaps the usual one that I sadly cannot place an order for any of these.

I actually snapped up another catalog for my collection this morning actually, the fall '43/'44! Since my Spring/Summer '43 catalog is still my favorite of the bunch I am hoping this new addition will be full of more gorgeous inspiration when it arrives as well. Since we sadly cannot shop these pages anymore, tell me in comments about your most recent vintage find, mine was a killer striped 1940's multicolor corde clutch handbag!

April 3, 2018

Wishing Winter Farewell

This is indeed a very wintry ensemble, but spring has not quite sprung here in Colorado just yet. You can see snow on the ground in these photos, and it can snow off and on all the way into May here, so I can't quite put my sweaters and jackets away for straw hats and cotton. So please forgive my velvet and tartan in April if you can, I know it's a bit odd...

I recently picked up some new hat veiling, since I have been adding my standard black birdcage veil over many hats (and wearing veiling alone) so often this year and wanted to add some more variety! This one is a larger size net and I really love it! I also bought a thicker/weightier black veiling and some more standard veiling in navy blue and dark purple. How do you all feel about vintage veiling/netting? I love veiled hats and wearing veiling alone just over my hair as well, but I know it is super old fashioned these days. Veils of the religious and not vintage fashion verity are so politicized these days, but I suppose netting like this is almost not considered a "veil" in the same way as ones that actually hide the face. It is still a little barrier to the world, but I like to think it's more like delicate armor.

I hope you all aren't real tired of seeing this same velvet jacket again and again by the way, I just love it and it pairs with so much in my wardrobe that I can't help but wear it all the time :)

This is going up a day later than I usually post, can you guess why? Yes, that's right, I have been super busy with writing! I am so close to finishing this manuscript (I shouldn't say that and jinx it somehow!), but now I'm worried it may be too long. It can be easy to let the cold hard facts of publishing be a storm cloud hanging in the distance above the horizon. First time authors rarely get a book deal with something over 100,000 words...but I can't let reality deter me yet! I just have to finish first and worry about wanting to publish and be a real author someday (uhh, soon) second. I am starting to get real excited about finishing this draft so I can sew and make videos again. I miss my other passions ;) I'll be back to full form soon I promise!

Jacket, Gloves, Hat, Clutch, & Jewelry: Vintage
Veiling: Etsy
Skirt: Made by me
Shoes: Bait Footwear
Fishnets: Amazon

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