November 21, 2020

Plaid in the Past

Just a few more photos from my fall day trip into the foothills. I made this plaid dress for a video on Patreon this last season and this fabric has been in my stash for YEARS, so I was really glad to finally use it. This dress is rather pink for me, which is a color I don't normally wear, but I felt this one was rich enough I could get away with it blended with the black and blue in the tartan pattern. Styling it with black helps it feel more "me" too of course.

I hope you are all staying safe and keeping well as we move into winter. I think I'm going into full hibernation mode, but I'm hoping by the time winter ends there could be even better vaccine news on the horizon. Be careful out there and take care of yourself in this unending strange time!

November 1, 2020

Victorian Vampire

Happy belated Halloween! I got to wear this gown for a bit to take these photos yesterday, and it must be the first time I have dressed up on Halloween itself for a very long time.

I've been working on this 1880's gown for the last month, documenting the process over on YouTube. I'll be making a day bodice, a ball gown bodice (sleeveless, more open neckline...), and a few more fixes on these skirts too...but before then I have to take a bit of a breather! This silk was from SilkBaron, but they are out of this shade currently. The color was called Elphaba and it is jusssst sunning really.

This really is a dream project and gown for me. I hope you like it! I'll take some less "vampy" photos too when I finish the day bodice next ;) 

PS: Also, I didn't magically grow this much hair, 'tis all false!

October 25, 2020

The Falling Leaves

The leaves are so bright even the camera couldn't focus. Nothing like the shimmering aspens here in Colorado during fall. Of course now it is snowing here today instead.

I'll be whip stitching seam allowances on delicate silk taffeta today, but I hope you are all well ❤

Outfit Details:
Dress: Made by me
Gloves, Handbag, Belt, Brooch: Vintage
Shoes: Modcloth

October 20, 2020

Spooky Season

Finished making this dress and had to wear it immediately. This project was for my Patreon exclusive sewing video for October, and what a very October fabric is is too. This striped polyester taffeta is from Mood Fabrics of course.

Please remember to vote!

Outfit details:

Dress: Made by me

Earrings: Made by me

Bracelet and Necklace: Vintage (gifts)

Belt: Thrifted

Handbag: Vintage

Shoes: Remix

October 12, 2020

Creepy Crawlies


I bought bugs on the internet this week.

Is a sentence I never exactly expected to type. I have been having a lot of fun filming spooky atmospheric B-roll footage for my Victorian costuming videos, and now that I have decided to call the gown I'm working on the cicada gown (it's green and will have cicada details in the embellishment), I wanted to get a real cicada to film for more B-roll. So off I went onto Etsy of course to see if I could purchase a mounted cicada, and I found one in a vintage frame, but he looked a little lonely in there, so I ordered two more cicada specimens to mount in there with the first! I should mention...I am afraid of bugs. I both like and yet am very afraid of cicadas. The symbolism surrounding them is super interesting, their life cycles can be fascinating, they are beautiful, and also super SUPER gross looking. 

Anyways, here is a dress I made back in spring from Halloween quilting cotton. I love the insect and butterfly print. I paired it with this fantastic multichrome eyeshadow called see-weed from JDGlow cosmetics. This shade looks almost identical to jewel beetle wing casings, and I adore it. I also have their shade prismatic in my inner corner here and some other shades on, but the multichrome is the star of course. 

I hope you are all well this week. Honestly my insomnia is getting a bit ridiculous at this point, and I have to go to the doctor tomorrow (I haven't been in 10 years...I'm due for...many things including shots!) so I'm mostly just ignoring all that and trying to focus on nicer things. 

Regardless, I'll see you all again soon!

Outfit Details:

Dress: Made by me

Petticoat: Malco Modes

Shoes: Remix Vintage Shoes

Belt, Handbag, Brooch, Earrings, & Gloves: Vintage

Bracelet: Made my me

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