April 16, 2019

My Top 6 Vintage Style Wardrobe Essentials

As I have been sharing my own outfits and style online for a while now, many people have asked me for a list of items they should buy when starting out with vintage style. I have never quite been able to answer such questions, as I always feel each persons individual unique style is so very different that I would be unable to answer such a thing for someone else. After years of waffling, I finally decided to answer this sort of query in my own way, and I hope you all enjoy the video :)

April 10, 2019


All black, apart from some sparkling green, and a few beautiful beetles. I'm a Slytherin okay, sometimes I look like one.

The 3D printed scarab beetle brooch is based on the scarab in the Disney film Aladdin, and can be found here, annnd I bought two of them to wear on a coat sometime and I look forward to doing so :)

I also have a tutorial for this eye shadow look on my beauty channel if you are interested here. :)

Blouse: Oleg Cassini, Etsy
Skirt Suit: Vintage Etsy
Scarf, Gloves & Clutch: Vintage
3D Printed Scarab Brooch: here
Shoes: Bait
Green Beetle Brooch: Topshop
Red-ish Beetle Brooch: Banana Republic
Earrings: I don't remember!

April 7, 2019

Jackets, Knitwear & Blouses : Cataloging Catalogs MW F/W 1947/48

Some more pages from the Fall/Winter 1947/1948 Montgomery Wards catalog! To say I would like to order a dozen sweaters and one of each item from page 144 would be a vast understatement. I want that leather jacket, I want it in both colors, I need a time machine and lots of '47 dollar you guys. I hope you enjoy these!

April 2, 2019

How I Hide My Bangs - A Retro Hair Tutorial

Now that I have worked out how to hide my bangs and get my hair looking essentially like it did before I cut in bangs I am left wondering...why didn't I get bangs ages ago! Who knew such an "extreme" hair cut for me (short bangs and an undercut in the back) could still work so well with vintage hair-styling! Which is all to say, this is how I have been styling my hair lately :)

March 25, 2019

Thrifted & Vintage Haul Video - What I Picked up on my Last Thrifting Trip!

Well, after a rough start to my day last Friday, including finding out I am going to owe twice what I thought in taxes and my old faithful car finally dying out on me, I finally got over to my favorite Arc for a little thifting to turn my day around. I was happy to find a few things (for cheap...because if I was on a budget before....well now...damn) that were on my mental wishlist or just fun finds.

I hope you are well, I have to go get back to writing now!

March 22, 2019


For someone who doesn't believe in anything related to planets, or full moons, or the zodiac...this mercury retrograde sure really kicked my ass. And now I'm PMS sad even though the "planets" have supposedly realigned or whatever. So forgive me, I'm hibernating until I feel better!

Coat: Thrifted
Sweater: Forever 21 (years ago)
Skirt, Belt, Gloves, Clutch, & Brooch: Vintage
Scarf: Street vendor in Paris
Shoes: Remix Vintage Shoes

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