November 12, 2018

Cranberry Stripes

When I spotted this cranberry 1940's jacket on Fab Gabs a few years ago, I fell in love. Now of course I realize this style is not actually the best on my frame. The jacket is a bit long on me, I'm only five foot five after all, but the heart wants what it wants and sometimes the heart wants a beautiful 1940's jacket.

Fortunately, this skirt from my Lilli Ann suit (yes, the same one I was wearing in last week's post) is also quite long, so we can just pretend that I am a long lean forties femme fatale. Well actually this ensemble would be a bit too colorful for a femme fatale wouldn't it? I do enjoy color blocking, but had oddly never paired these two pieces together before. I pulled out my striped corde clutch and velvet ribbon multicolored hat for a fully vintage outfit from head to t-- oh wait...these are reproduction shoes! The red Marilyn's from Royal Vintage shoes of course. This style will forever be the classic pump I wish was available in every color of the rainbow. Or at least dark navy blue, but I always say that don't I?

As usual I have been hard at work and yet feel like I haven't gotten any work done. There is a personal deadline of mine that keeps getting moved, and it makes me feel like I am failing. I am not failing, because in order to fail you see-- you first have to try, and I keep having to push back the day where I truly begin trying. I just need so many ducks in a row before I can begin, and every duck must be perfectly preened, every feather just so, and every time I am about to begin it seems they have added another duck to the list of ones I need...and this duck metaphor really isn't serving me as well as I had hoped, but you get the idea. I live in fear that one typo, one silly formatting mistake will ruin my entire career before it even begins.

Fear, what a funny thing. I could keep preening my ducks forever and never send them out into the wild. At some point, even if I myself am left with all the ruffled feathers, these birds gotta fly whether I'm ready or not. When is anything ever truly ready? When can anything ever truly be perfect? Alas my brain knows perfection is impossible, it's just to bad my heart calls on repeat "one more edit", "one more edit", "one more edit, then surely we'll be ready."

 If you need me, I'll be stuck running around the coop still chasing after my stupid fecking ducks.

Suit Jacket: Fab Gabs (Vintage, Etsy)
Skirt, Clutch, Gloves, Scarf, Hat, & Brooch: Vintage
Shoes: Royal Vintage Shoes

November 5, 2018

At The Summit

Sure this ensemble feels a bit wintry, but it has already snowed several times here in Colorado so I feel like I can get away with it. Plus I just love wearing this Lilli Ann suit okay? Nothing, NOTHING, in my vintage collection can compare with the tailoring in this suit. How I wish I could have a Lilli Ann in every color, but alas...that would be a very expensive endeavor!

This suit actually does have some moth holes which I imagine is why I was able to pick it up for an absolute steal a few years ago. The damage is small and on the back of the collar where it cannot be seen so I feel like this suit has a lot of life left in it yet! This time I paired it with green for a bit more of a early winter vibe, it seems a bit more "holiday!" to me for whatever reason. The ivory accessories are the same ones I usually pair with this suit, but I have never styled it with green before which just goes to show how many colors can be paired with navy like this. In the past I have paired burgundy with this suit, as well as going for all ivory and faux fur once or twice too. What color should I pair with it next time?

I hope you all have or will be voting shortly if you are in the US! Tomorrow is the day!! This is not an election to skip, do that civic duty! I have to go finish spray painting a clothing rack soft brushed gold now for a few future videos. Stay warm everyone :)

Suit: Lilli Ann (Vintage via Etsy)
Hosiery: Hanes (Amazon)
Shoes: Bait Footwear
Glove, Scarf, & Handbag: Vintage
Brooch: Gift (Vintage)
Hat: Galeries Lafayette Paris

November 1, 2018

Fall Lookbook 2018 - VIDEO

You all here on the blog have seen all but one of these ensembles before, but here they are in motion :) I hope everyone had a great Halloween, I can't believe it's November already!

October 29, 2018

Caught In A Web

Nerve-racking, but there's just no avoiding it. Caught in a web of research, and anxiously scanning for typos, and nervously re-reading the submission requirements, and compiling spreadsheets of dream makers, because it has to be done-- query letters must be sent out.

And like, sure, what's the worst thing that could happen? Form rejection letters neatly filing into my inbox confirming that perhaps my letter was crap, that maybe I did miss a typo or two, that when they got to the word count they lost interest instantly. If such a thing-- indeed the most likely outcome of all-- should occur, I still have a story I love. I will get to keep my book to myself for a little while longer. Would that be so very terrible? No. 

Then of course I could get a request for a full, who knows, and then get to be extremely nervous over having missed typos in a much longer length of text. Eeeek! 

And so many people keep saying to me 'why don't you just self publish?' or the like, and the answer is still 'no'. I believe in traditional publishing. I believe agents and editors make books better. Large creative endeavors are improved by some collaboration. Directors get accolades for wonderful films, but hundreds of people make them possible. Even with notes from my wonderful beta readers this last year, the book has improved. It's better already for having received those notes and my making a few changes. Besides, imagine someone believing in your work enough to want to help you make it even better, help make it the best it can be, and then help you get it in front of other people who will love it too? I'm not giving up on that chance before I've even made a go at it!

So if I go missing for a bit, as always-- I'm just tied to my desk. As we know it's where I love to be most. Though the only way out of reading endless articles of conflicting advice about finding a literary agent and submission guidelines (and 'dire mistakes killing your query', and the dreaded 'it's not your query it's the book' death sentences) for me seems to be getting sucked into Attack on Titan again (re-watching before diving into season 3). Hey, whatever works. In this horror filled world we live in, a horror filled distraction sometimes fits the bill. 

I hope you all have a fun Halloween. Mine is going to plenty scary-- both before and after I work up the courage to hit send. 

Skirt & Bolero: Made by me
Top: Old Navy
Fishnets: TJ Maxx
Shoes: Royal Vintage Shoes
Petticoat: Malco Modes
Hat, Gloves, & Clutch: Vintage

October 28, 2018

Video : Side Husselen no. 3 - Status Report

Time for a status report. Hopefully I will have updates, new plans, and progress on many of these side hustles of mine soon! Thank you all for staying tuned for so very long with me here on the blog, I know I have been neglecting this space a bit for and I need to come up with a whole new strategy. Luckily you can still have my ramblings, just now in video form ;)

October 22, 2018

Falling Forward

I was driving to work and back today and this one very simple line of dialog popped into my head. Just one simple little question one character asks the other, but with so much weight behind it I knew there was something there. When I got home I jotted it down so I wouldn't forget, and then I wrote out the other character's answer, and before I knew it I had the whole conversation, half a scene, written out and it was like it fell out of the ether.

These are usually great little moments, except this was an incredibly sad scene. It's odd to make yourself sad like that working, because it's this duality between feeling legitimately very sad, actually feeling what your characters are feeling in that moment (like physically feeling an emotion, it's wack?), and then feeling really happy about it because it's like "well damn, that was affecting, good work me". Okay, turns out this is hard to explain. I guess the gist is-- I made myself cry out of nowhere today writing dialog between two characters in a scene that may never actually end up in a book, but let's say is now "canon" in my head. Maybe that sounds absurdly pretentious, or just plain ridiculous, but I guess I imagine all authors get genuinely sad while writing sometimes. I mean, if JK Rowling didn't cry while writing some of book 7 then I'd be amazed. I know I cried while reading book 7 but, well, now I just sound like an emotional mess so I'll move on...

I think the same feeling must be why people really like acting. Inhabiting another character, another person almost- no matter how imaginary- just for small moments, but having it feel quite real. Like magic almost. That's my revolutionary thought of the day-- storytelling is probably magic. It's the human empathy muscle flexing I guess, and it's just hard to feel bad about that. Writing, reading, dancing, acting, films, theater, and visual art, the attempts of one person to connect with another. Stories like spells cast over the participants with the ability to shift place and time. How fecking cool is that?

Also anytime I talk or write about writing itself I feel so lame! It's impossible to explain without sounding silly I guess. Hopefully you all know what I mean and won't judge me too harshly ;)

Anyways, I wore this fall print circle skirt recently. It's just so OCTOBER you know?  I hope you're all well, I have to back to writing now...

Skirt: Made by me
Sweater: Banana Republic
Shoes: Modcloth
Petticoat: Malco Modes
Fishnets: TJ Maxx
Brooch, Belt, & Clutch: Vintage
Gloves: V&A Museum Gift Shop
Beret: Touristy stand in Paris 

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