June 22, 2019

Adventure Style : Vintage Style for Travel, Safari, & Exploration

I present to you my favorite style in the summer time, that's right, it's adventure style! Safari style, adventure wear, whatever you call it, I call it a darn cute look. So enjoy this excess of khaki and cotton twill and I can finally move onto my next adventure! 

The script at the very beginning is from the radio loop played outside of the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland :)

It was a wild ride indeed, but the video is finally done. Two weeks of entire days spent making faux wooden crates, over $100 dollars spent on craft paint alone, four hours to film the final footage, and thirteen hours of editing and script writing, and here we are. I need a nap :)

It would mean extra special much to me if those of you who enjoyed this video could share it with someone else you think may like it as well.

I put this in a pinned comment as well, but I also want to suggest that any of those in a place to do so please consider donating to Unicef and/or Save The Children to help with their ongoing and emergency work in Sudan. Stay aware of the goings on in our wide world, please practice empathy, and stay safe out there.

Music from Epidemic Sound.
River footage from Taman Negara on flickr, https://www.flickr.com/photos/phalinn/31245275712/

All of the clothing in this video is either made by me, vintage, or in rarest of cases from fast fashion brands I no longer support and is therefore many seasons old.

I can however, link you to some of the shoes I wear in this video:

The first pair in canvas and leather are Evelyn's from Royal Vintage Shoes and can be found here : https://www.royalvintageshoes.com/1930s-vintage-shoes/evelyn-retro-oxfords-tan-brown-royal-vintage

Next we have Garnet's from Remix Vintage Shoes in black suede : https://remixvintageshoes.com/products/garnet

Then the style Peggy from Royal Vintage again : (currently unavailable but I think they might bring them back)

The brown croc finished pumps are Carmen's from Remix : https://remixvintageshoes.com/products/carmen

The yellow heels are from Chelsea Crew : https://bit.ly/2x8fVmK

The cognac leather sandal heels are from BAIT footwear :  https://www.baitfootwear.com/product-page/loraine-tan

The navy and ivory t-straps are Chelsea Crew don't seem to be available in navy anymore but here they are in red and white which I also have (and so did Peggy Carter on the show...just saying) : https://www.amazon.com/Chelsea-Crew-Gatsby-Tone-Heels/dp/B01AR1TP5C

The lipstick I have on is Coloupop's liquid matte lipstick in the shade Season 10, the highlighter is their super shock highlighter in Flexitarian.

June 11, 2019

Vintage Street Fair Market Haul : VIDEO

I recently visited a monthly antiques street fair market and found a few goodies I wanted to show you all! I spotted a surprising amount of 1940's things, it's always nice to see real vintage out in the wild :)

June 4, 2019

Fiber & Fabric Basics : Textiles 101 for Retro Shoppers & Seamstresses

I know many of us longtime seamstresses and retro gals know quite a bit about textiles, but I wanted to make a video for people who are newer to vintage collecting or sewing who may not have much background textiles knowledge! So here I am down in my sewing room going over the basics of fibers and fabrics, and mis-remembering what paco-vicuna alpaca's are :)

May 30, 2019

My Summer Sewing Plans - VIDEO

Long time, no sew, you know what I mean? 

Hopefully I can change that with this more assignment based strategy! By turning my sewing into part of my video schedule, I hope I can hold myself a bit more accountable to my plans this summer. How is your summer sewing plan coming along? What project is at the top of your own to be sewn list?

May 28, 2019

More Thrifted Finds - I Love Hawaiian Shirts

And I wore a swimsuit on the internet, is this wise? Probably not. The Hawaiian shirt took over my brain and made me do it, or perhaps it was my overwhelming need for a vacation that I am just not going to get. I must dress for the tropics despite staying here in Colorado. 

If anyone wants to take me on vacation, or just to Disneyland so I can go to Galaxy's Edge, please do. You know in video games where a character has like a "life" bar that runs out as they interact with the world and enemies? Well Disneyland fills my own personal "life juice" bar like nothing else I have ever found. Really a couple loops on the Indiana Jones ride and I'd be recharged beyond belief...

Instead it's back to work for me, I hope you all had a good Memorial Day!

May 20, 2019

Flower Power

Well, well, well...haven't I been missing.

Listen, I am trying to keep up with YouTube and trying to finish writing a book, there is very little time for anything else. Oh and also, I am trying to not completely burn myself out. The balance of recharge and renewal time versus work, of filling my creative reserves and exhausting them is not easy to figure out or maintain! I need a vacation so badly I may just take a weekend away by myself even though I really can't afford one (the sand dunes national park here in Colorado is tempting for example...).

So here I am finally snapping a few photos in a dress I made last year. Sewing you know, remember that?..I don't!

I still have a hard time with self employment, and I can finally call it that since I may just make a few pennies from YouTube this month (wahoo! and thank god because I have had NO HOURS at my day job this year), because I never know how much work in a day is "enough". I don't track my time...because I'm afraid if I do I will find out I don't work "enough" and I will feel even guiltier than I already do. I know I get videos up, I write chapters, I edit, and I brainstorm. Sometimes those things feel like work, other times they just feel like fun, and where is the line between tracking that time as work and not...uggg I just don't know. My value is not tied to what I produce, except in my head it is. People are more than the sum of their productivity, are not the number in their account balance, but as always, I struggle ever on to reconcile this with my in-brain experience.

I need more energy and more time, but instead, I'm going to just call it quits for the day and go pick some lilacs from outside to bring into my office.

Dress: Made by me
Shoes: Bait
Clutch, Belt, Gloves, Hat, & Jewelry: Vintage

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