November 2, 2015

Florals in Frontier Land

 Remember on Friday when I said I had originally made a new skirt for my Peggy costume but it came out much too 50's? Well, here is that skirt! Made from a thick navy blue wool it should be perfect for the rest of fall and into the snowy depths of winter. The bow blouse is a new addition too, I made it as a sorta test run of my new bow blouse pattern and bishop sleeves. I love how billowy the sleeves turned out! It's too much fun to prance around in a blouse like this! 

I went a bit hat crazy last month and invested in a few new vintage toppers for my collection. This one is a fairly standard velvet and satin 50's hat, but in bright golden yellow! I am so excited to pair this hat with several pieces in my closet that have the same yellow in the print. I'd like to get a new yellow belt though, as the one I'm wearing here doesn't match as close as I'd like, and I would kill for a pair of vintage gloves this color too!  

It is another glorious fall day again here, and oddly it is quite warm out! I'll take it, I'm no fool, I know snow is just around the corner! (knocks on wood, throws salt over her shoulder, etc.)

Skirt: Made by me
Blouse: Made by me
Shoes: Modcloth
Hat: Vintage
Belt: Banana Republic
Earrings: Charming Charlie


  1. I love a good bishop sleeve, and this one is perfectly swooshy

  2. What's that you ask? Why, yes, I am one million percent in love with this whole immensely elegant, perfectly autumn hued ensemble. :)

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* You're not alone. I saw my breath for the first time tonight and could practically here Old Man Winter cackling at me from behind a frost tinged bush.

    1. Thanks Jessica! <3

      We had a few chilly grey days, but somehow the sunshine decided to return for a last hurrah! I plan to enjoy it as much as I can before it finally disappears!

  3. Fabulous outfit. Love the shape of the skirt, I need one like that in my wardrobe, it would pull do many things together. I like the blouse sleeves, just the right amount of volume. That hat is a beauty!

    1. Thanks Kate! The skirt is simply a 1/2 circle skirt and is relatively easy to make. I love voluminous sleeves! They are a weakness of mine :)

  4. Hello,Ciao Bianca...Wow,what a Post!
    What a landscape!
    What a photos !
    What a magic Outfit of Yours!...You shine such breathtaking Charisma!
    the skirt is very charming on You and also the yellow hat is stunning...and the Shoes are pere perfect!...Great Look! !
    have a nice day

    1. Thank you Aurè! There are some pretty spectacular landscapes here in Colorado!

  5. I loving the fullness of your navy skirt, and that blouse really is a perfect pairing! I don't think I have ever seen a stunning yellow hat like the one you have, and I think it's perfectly darling, particularly against your chocolate tresses. :) ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

    1. Thanks Bonita! I shied away from full skirts for a long time as I always thought they were not as flattering on my shape as slim ones, but now I think I can get away with circle shapes. I tend to waste too much time on etsy searching by color, in this case "yellow hat", a dangerous habit I assure you :)


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