August 9, 2015

A Rainbow Wrap

I finally finished a 1930's dress! Whether or not you can tell this is very 30's with all the many colored dots running everywhere is dubious, but I am actually really happy with this dress! I had the fabric sitting in my stash since last year when I plucked it from the bargain table. It's lighter and more colorful than my usual fare, but I thought it was too fun (and inexpensive) to pass up.

I drafted an entirely new pattern for this dress, my first ever wrap dress pattern! I based the design on a few simple 30's and early 40's wrap dress examples I was able to find on Etsy. The edges are bound with self bias tape and the tape then forms the ties at the waist. I really like the resulting dress, I may just have to make another soon with this same pattern!

My Mervin wave clips produced great finger waves yet again, I cannot stress enough how awesome they are! If you ever get the chance to pick some up, buy them first and thank me later!

Dress: Made by me
Shoes: Amazon (here)
Tights: Amazon (here)
Sunglasses: Amazon (here)
Bracelet: Vintage
Earrings: Made by me
Hair comb: Vintage
Flower hair comb: Made by me


  1. Wow! What lovely colors! You can wear the boldest color schemes with such panache ~ this really is a striking outfit. I think it's so super that you made the dress pattern yourself, the sleeves did turn out beautifully. ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

    1. Thank you Bonita! This is the best sleeve pattern as far as I am concerned, because it doesn't involve actually having to sew in sleeves! (they are cut in one with the rest of the bodice) Anytime I can use this pattern and get away with it, I do!

  2. Wow, this dress is too die for beautiful!!

    1. Thank you! I am trying to wear more color, and this dress definitely screams color!

  3. Lovely pattern that you have come up with here! Great dress! I had noticed the fab hairstyle too!

    1. Thank you Kate! I can;t wait to make another dress in this pattern, perhaps in a solid!


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