August 7, 2015

Ladies of the Field: Mini Book Review

Enamored as I am with "lady adventurer" style this summer, I wanted to find out more about the real lady adventurers of history! I came upon this book online and ordered it immediately! I mean seriously, "Early women archaeologists and their search for adventure"! Sign me up!

Author Amanda Adams introduces seven exceptional women; Amelia Edwards, Jane Dieulafoy, Gertrude Bell, Zelia Nuttall, Agatha Christie, Harriet Boyd Hawes, and Dorothy Garrod. Unfortunately, Adams only ever introduces us to these women, each is given a chapter when I would have preferred an entire book on each! The book is enjoyable if a bit light, I was hoping for a bit more of an in depth/academic look at these women, the society they seemed to rebel against, and their work. I would say Ladies of the field is a good book for a brief overview of late Victorian female archaeologists to give you an idea of who you may want to look into more. I know I will be looking for fuller biographys of several of the women briefly profiled in this book.

Though Ladies of the Field didn't quite meet my expectations, I would still recommend it as a good introduction into the subject of early female archaeologists. I would love to know more about some 20th century ladies when archaeology really began to take off and modernize. It is definitely a subject I want to explore further! Does anyone have any recommendations for me? I would love fiction recommendations centering around the same subject as well if you know of any! What have you guys been reading this summer?

Gertrude Bell


  1. Ooohhh, this is going straight on the Amazon wishlist! What a fun sounding book. I have a whole shelf just for female focused history and this would go straight on it. Thank you for the wonderful introduction.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Glad to pass on the recommendation! Now I need to start a shelf like that, I do love me some female focused history!

  2. It does sound an interesting book. I will keep an eye out for others of that ilk. Though not archaeology you might find this one interesting -

  3. I think lady paleontologists definitely count!


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