January 6, 2018

New Creations 2017: Everything I Made in 2017

If productivity and creativity come in waves, I really hope I'm due for a tsunami real soon. I haven't completed a sewing project in AGES, the motivation to sew just isn't there. I have been using my time writing instead, which I also adore, but writing doesn't put new clothes in my closet, or help deplete my stash of fabrics waiting patiently in my craft room!

I don't want to stop writing, or making YouTube videos, but I would like to bring sewing back into my routine. Before I talk about my sewing goals for 2018, lets take a look at what I made in 2017...

Dresses: (16)

-Gretchen Hirsch Blue Brocade Dress
-Brown Wool Bishop Sleeved Dress
-Blue and Gold Brocade Circle Skirt Dress
-Black and White Swirl Flocked Dress
-Brown Wisteria Print Rayon Dress
-Green Velvet 1920's Dress
-Floral and Tan Cotton Dress
-White Eyelet 1940's Dress
-Floral and Navy 1930s Dress
-Striped Ivory and Black A-line Dress
-Lime Green Sateen Dress
-Green and White Gingham Dress
-Black and Burgundy Roses Cotton Dress
-White Ikea Floral Dress
-White and Green Rayon Palm Print Dress
-Grey and White Floral Rayon Taffeta Dress

Tops: (9)

Skirts: (11)

Grey Wool Flecked Tweed Skirt
Brown Wool Plaid 1930s Skirt
Black Wool Pencil Skirt
Black A-line Linen/Rayon Blend Skirt
Yellow Plaid Taffeta Circle Skirt
Black Tulle Beaded Galaxy Skirt
Navy A-line Twill Skirt
Ivory Linen/Rayon Blend Skirt 
Green Cotton Twill Skirt
Pink Cotton Sateen Circle Skirt
Brown Top-stitched Cotton Twill Skirt

A total of 36 projects for 2017! While it may seems like quite a lot all totaled up like this, I didn't sew for most of the last half of the year, and therefore this total could have been a lot higher! Oddly in 2016 I completed 34 projects, so I suppose I did better in 2017. My trip to Paris last spring (and few months being unemployed) really gave me a lot of inspiration and time to devote into sewing. I took on the rather large project of embroidering/beading the tulle galaxy skirt which took a ton of hours to complete, and the beaded bolero I made around the same time was also a longer more time consuming project, but I really loved working on those more intensive projects! Perhaps planning another embroidery/beading heavy project to start on this January could help me jump start my sewing again.

As for 2018, I'd like to focus on stash busting and only buying fabric for projects that will have a lot of styling potential in my wardrobe. I did buy some really pretty printed cotton from Mood last fall to make into a new summer dress for this year, so just because I haven't been sewing doesn't mean I haven't been buying fabric! I've got an amazing multicolored striped duponi silk to turn into a blouse as well... hopefully reorganizing my fabric stash soon will spark me to start turning project ideas into completed apparel! I may not complete as many projects in 2018, but I'd like to complete several writing projects and that's a trade off I am happy to accept. I just hope I'll be able to find new ways to style my old things so you all won't get bored here on the blog ;)

What are your sewing goals for 2018?


  1. That tulle skirt is just fabulous! And so many makes in one year! :)

  2. I think you have made some glorious items last year and lots of them! That list is amazing. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with this year. I will be happy if I just get some sewing started soon!

    1. Thank you Kate-Em! I will be happy if I can complete that very same goal, I've had a dress stuck in limbo, half cut out, edges half serged, for ages!

  3. Damn! That is impressive to me!


  4. If I had a goal, it'd be to learn.

    You've got such an impressive list of makes there - it's a wardrobe in itself! You're so talented.


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