July 10, 2017

Blinding Lime Sateen

Sometimes a project just doesn't come together the way you had envisioned it in your mind. I did mock up this collar style once before I cut into the dress fabric, but I still think the fit just isn't right. The bit-off collar may have been excusable on its own, but I also think this fabric is just too shiny for my liking! As you all know, I love me some cotton sateen, but this one has just too much satin finish in it's sateen and it would almost work better for a more evening style dress. The quest for a chartreuse dress shall continue, and hopefully I'll be able to find a nice 40's-ish rayon crepe somewhere out there.

Even if I am not the biggest fan of this dress, I do love this fun hat with its large scale veiling, and of course I adore this huge parasol! This is one of the two nicer parasols I have in my little collection (the other can be seen here). I actually suspect this parasol is the real deal, as opposed to a tourist item like most of my parasols, and with its oiled paper I suppose it is actually an umbrella and I should perhaps refer to it as such. The umbrella spokes can be opened to two different levels, and every part seems to be much better quality than my other cheaper parasols. I know new traditional wagasa (Japanese umbrellas, learn more in this NHK video) can cost as much as $400 because they are still handmade by skilled artisans. I certainly treasure this vintage umbrella and I don't think I'll ever be testing it in the rain!

Though I am putting this post together on Sunday, it will be going live tomorrow night on my birthday. I'm turning 26 this year, oh goodness. I say this every year but...when am I finally going to get it together?! blehhhh I'll spare you the usual pity party I throw myself, not having the life I want figured out, lamenting the existence of my student debt, wishing I were a New York Times best selling author and all that jazz. At least I have a gorgeous vintage Japanese umbrella and pretty straw hats, and that quite nice. I'm no where near where I want to be career wise, but I am getting close to having my ultimate dream wardrobe. At least at 26 I can say I am happier than I was at 20, even if 20 year old me would be aghast to learn that at 26 I still haven't at the very least finished my book yet. At 20 I hated my body and wouldn't let myself dress in vintage style or let anyone take any photos of me. At least now I have gotten over that monumental hurdle and love clothes again! In case any of you are wondering, and umm, you definitely are not, I bought myself a dresser for my bedroom for my birthday and I love it. I finally have a place to store stuff besides my overladen closet!

I did get a bit of sewing done this weekend, but I have to go pick up some different buttons before I can finish the blouse I made. I am hoping to have more time in the week ahead to get a ton of work done for the blog and some new videos. I hope you all are having a good start to the week!

Dress: Made by me
Belt, Handbag, Hat, Gloves, & Jewelry: Vintage
Shoes: Royal Vintage Shoes (Chelsea Crew)


  1. Belated happy birthday! I hope you had a great day. You may not be happy with this dress, but those really are details that we cannot see. It's such a different colour - both for you and for anyone - but it really works. It's bold, different but sunny and happy too! Kx

    1. Thank you! It definitely is the brightest dress I have (and probably ever will have) made before!

  2. Happy birthday Bianca! I wish I'd had an ounce of your poise when I was your age. You're very stylish and wise - far beyond your 26 years on both counts!

    I realy love the fastening at the back of the collar on this dress. It's always good practice, even if it doesn't quite work out the way we want it x

  3. Oh, happy birthday! I feel like this could be a really difficult color to wear, but with your coloring it looks gorgeous. I love how bold it is, and with the veiled hat and parasol, it's absolutely lovely.

  4. Happy Birthday. Hope you had a lovely day. Although you might not be happy with this dress it looks fabulous on you and the colour is gorgeous. Great pictures.


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