March 20, 2017

Vested Interest

This is one well traveled blouse, far more than many if not most humans. I mean let me just list for you the tour stops for you: United Kingdom (starting from the lovely Heyday Vintage) to Los Angeles, to City of Industry CA, to Anaheim CA, to Denver CO, then to San Francisco CA, then back to Denver, then to Boston MA, and then finally....back to Heyday in the UK. Yes, the USPS actually got the package to Denver twice and yet never to! The wonderful people at Heyday noticed I hadn't even opened the package so they sent it along again and luckily this time the postal service actually functioned properly and I received it in my actual mail box! Wahoo!

So due to the fact that I originally ordered this blouse in the first week of December and only just received it now in early March, I was super excited to pull it out of the package and find it fit perfectly! It is such a wonderful addition to my 1940's wardrobe and I am sure I will wear it often. I'm sorry if it still appears a bit wrinkled here, but I don't have a steamer right now and I was steaming it using a heavy iron and my arms got too tired to continue in the end. I paired the blouse with a new black wool vest I made recently which contrasted the collar to show off its wonderful shape!  The wool skirt is one of the oldest me-made items still in my closet, and I have left over fabric knocking around that is destined to be a matching jacket someday, and hopefully that someday will be soon. I pulled out my tiny airplane pins for a small accent of gold, but kept the rest of the ensemble in neutral colors for a day of running errands and a family dinner out.

I also made a pencil skirt out of this same black wool to make a nice little set, and I'm sure I'll wear them together soon. You all know how I love coordinates! I've got some more lovely wool to work with before the sun truly returns for spring, which won't be long now so I better get a move on! I hope you all had a most lovely weekend!

Vest & Skirt: Made by me
Blouse: Heyday Vintage
Shoes: Modcloth
Hosiery: What Katie Did
Hat, Pins, & Clutch: Vintage


  1. What a fun and fabulous look! I love the beautifully tailored vest with the great collar and full sleeves - very Renaissance. That's quite the trek that your blouse went on - that sort of thing just drives me crazy! I just had a package with a pair of shoes stolen from in front of my house, which is making me rethink all my online shopping.
    But postal issues aside, you look lovely here. The outfit is perfection on you, and you've chosen a beautiful setting to show it off.

    1. Thank you Jessica! Every once and a while the USPS drives me mad with a lost/MIA package, I wish it turned me off online shopping as I need to stop!(at least for a while) ;)

  2. I like the vest very much with that blouse, you're right that it shows off the collar well. What a trek though that poor blouse went on!! I am distrustful of overseas shipping, I have had items lost on too many occasions.

    1. Thank you Porcelina! The last few things I have ordered from overseas have all been lost/delayed, so I'm backing away from ordering things from across the Atlantic for a while.

  3. This whole outfit is stunning, but this blouse is such a show stopper! Seriously! I love the whole ensemble, and that hat is darling!


  4. The blouse has fabulous sleeves and collar. I'm glad it arrived eventually. It goes wonderfully with your wool vest.


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