June 22, 2017

Long Way Down

Have any of you seen Long Way Down? It's a documentary series with Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman where they drive motorcycles from the top of Scotland down to the southern tip of Africa, and like their other similar series/trip Long Way Round (London to New York, the long way round through all of Europe/Russia/Canada), I really loved watching the journey. It really isn't something I would have guessed I would like, silly men on bikes traversing various issues and terrain doesn't sound like something I'd be into normally, but damn do I love that series. Something about the in your face long haul travel with humorous adventurers was really inspiring to me to watch when I discovered it a few years back. Sometimes you need something to remind you that there is this whole wide world out there, and that you must continue, must reach out and try your best to get to see as much of it as you possibly can.

So one day I will go on a real African safari, but I can't say the views here in Colorado are so bad can I? This is one of my favorites around, and the land to city/humans ratio in this vista is highly tilted in  nature's favor, giving one the sensation that they are experiencing a view not so different than someone may have had a hundred years ago. In adventure/safari films either made or set in the 1930s and 40s it seems female characters usually fall into one of two stereotypes, either the "one of the boys" but not particularly feminine lived in adventurer who doesn't mind bug bites or heat stroke while transcribing cuneiform or stalking lions (yet of course still does indeed look glamorous the whole time because Hollywood), or the pretty delicate flower who complains the whole time and keeps everyone from having the rough and tumble good time they should be having. I would like to think I'd be the calm and cool badass lady adventurer, but I know full well I would fall into the second omg-why-am-i-outside and where-is-the-wifi-and-clean-water camp. It's not really my fault mosquitoes think I am delicious!

I only just recently finished sewing up this new linen suit so that I could at least play at looking the part of an adventurer. Like my last bolero set (this one that I wore to the anatomy museum) this new one is in a favorite fabric of mine, a linen/rayon blend from Joanns that I use all the time. I added a little box pleat in the center front of the skirt, a collar and puff sleeves to the bolero, and some tonal top stitching on this suit for a bit of variety. I told myself I wouldn't use this pith helmet as a prop anymore because I can't decide if pith helmets are inherently problematic or not (more on that in tomorrows post), but here it is anyway because it just gave off the exact safari vibe I was going for! I also love elephant themed jewelry, but detest elephant mascotted political parties, so wearing my elephant jewelry seems a bit soured now. If I could find a cute safari style brooch featuring donkeys, suffice to say I would switch to those for a while. Ahem...anyways, lets talk about the glorious shoes instead shall we?

Yes indeed I have got more Deco Darlings to show you today! These are the second of the two pairs I pre-ordered, and can you blame me-- look at these! As an avid lover of all things safari/adventure style, how in the world could I pass these up?! Even over craggy rocks and sandy terrain the sturdy curvy heels were stable, and I managed not to scuff them up, which as we now know about me, is a miracle really. I know I sound like a broken record, or an overly optimistic sales person (which again, #not spon, I do just love to support repro brands I think are fricken awesome), but Royal Vintage Shoes are really just that wonderful and this second new style are again super great! Very comfortable, the fit is spot on for my size 10 medium/regular width feet (why, why did I end up with such giant feet when I am only 5 foot 5" tall?!), and the styling is perfect. What more can an aspiring adventuress want than light khaki canvas and warm brown leather?

I could really use an adventure right about now too, I even had one of those "I'll dye my hair and be a new woman and it will change everything for the better!" moments earlier this week and ended up giving myself grey purple hair for a day before deciding that was actually not the adventure I had been looking for... other people have those moments too right? I suppose wanting to be at one stage in your life, and feeling like you are stuck deep in some sinking sand in another just gets grating after several months *cough* years, but the only way out is hard work so I better put on my big girl jodhpurs and get to business.

Suit: Made by me
Blouse: Banana Republic
Clutch. Brooch, & Belt: Vintage
Shoes: Royal Vintage Shoes
Fishnets & Hat: Amazon


  1. I adore your suit, and what a perfect match with those gorgeous shoes. And what spectacular views! Kx

  2. I loved the Long Way Down/Round series too. I saw them a couple years back and even bought the corresponding book for one of the series (which I don't think I ever got around to reading it, but maybe one day...). It's not my normal sort of thing either, but it was quite an enjoyable series to watch!

    1. I'm glad I'm not alone. I love the music from Long Way Down too, the soundtrack includes such beautiful African songs!

  3. I've been wanting these shoes since Lauren mentioned them long before the pre-order period. In this color they are SO perfectly safari/archeology glamour shoes! I managed to restrain myself and not buy them at this time, but I'm so glad that someone else saw a similar vision with them and brought it to life! The ensemble looks great! I hope you get to wear these all the time!!!


    1. Thank you Quinn! I'm sure I will be wearing them all summer long!

  4. This outfit is what adventurer chic outfit dreams are made of!!! It is just too stunning for words!


  5. What a view! A great setting for your new adventurer outfit. It looks really super.

    1. Thank you Kate-Em! I am really lucky to live in such a beautiful state!


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