December 23, 2015

Favorite Outfits of 2015

Plaid Noir in the Snow
Sometimes it is very odd to think of how far I have come in just a relatively short while, you see I used to detest photographs of myself so completely that I wouldn't even let anyone take any. I wonder sometimes what people think of "outfit bloggers", that we are somehow narcissistic or vain, but for me beginning to post outfit photos was a huge step in the right direction of learning to love myself again. Rather a deep way to start a post about my favorite outfits from the past year, but what is this time of year for if not reflection?

Throughout the year I have been posting more and more outfits, averaging around 2 a week now. I think my styling has improved over that time, my wardrobe has certainly grown (but I'll recap my 2015 sewing next week!). Most importantly, the more I delve into vintage fashion, the more I discover myself and who I want to be. Dress for the job, or the life really, that you want they say. Well I want a fabulous, glamorous, fun and exciting life- and one dress at a time just maybe I'll create one!

(Simply click on a photo below if you would like to see more from that post)

A Tropical Oasis and a Fern Print Dress
Do You Like Our Owl?
Red Tulips, Silk Leaves, and Glass Bouquets
Brown Summer Suit
Capitols and Colonnades
Adventures in Khaki
Birds of Paradise
Gingham at the Hildebrand Ranch
Lakeside Reverie
Fall Fruits and Foliage
Glittering Aspens
Not really an outfit, I'll grant you-- but one of my favorite ensembles of the year!
Buffalo Check
Tartan Noir
I hope everyone is staying calm in these last few days running up to Christmas, don't let the mania out there get to you! I'm dreaming of a white Christmas here in Colorado, the snow from over a week ago has steadily melted away. Nothing quite compares with the look of snow dusted tree branches and sparkling rooftops!


  1. I'm making my first pair of stays right now and I just wanted to thank you for the post you made about staymaking. It's really been helping me :)

    1. Congratulations on the stays! I am so glad to have been helpful :)

  2. You were not alone there in the slightest. It wasn't until the very end of my twenties that I started being even remotely okay (aka, comfortable) with having my photo taken and indeed, for the first three or so years of my blog's life, only a tiny handful of images of myself ever appeared there. To this day, I still struggle with such things at times, but so long as Tony is the one behind the camera, it's usually not too much of a challenge for me any longer (thankfully!). It's awesome that you've become more at home in front of the lens, too, my dear friend, and am so glad that you have, because I can never get enough of your chic, gorgeous, endlessly inspiring outfit posts.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica! I definitely still have days when I don't like any of the pictures, but usually I just push past it and select the few that are the least offensive to me! No one else will ever know I didn't like how they came out after all :)

  3. You have made some truely fabulous outfits this year, I have really enjoyed seeing them, along with your styling and your photoshoot locations. Looking forward to 2016's!

    1. Thank you so much Kate! And thank you for commenting so often, it definitely keeps me encouraged to keep blogging :)


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