September 13, 2018

Garden Gate Glow

Just a simple outfit I wore for an evening jaunt around the Denver Botanic Gardens! This new garden tucked in the corner behind the main entrance is just delightful, only a winding little path and an old iron gate, but so well executed. The beds planted full of flowers in shades of purple and deep fuchsia with pops of yellow, the sun setting behind the trees, the whole place was just magical. My dad and I were standing there trying to think of how we could dig up our whole garden at home to recreate this one instead!

I had yet to show you all this particular plasticflex clutch I picked up online earlier this year, isn't she a beauty? Nice large size, unique tile pattern (the outside tiles look like little ice cubes floating in water or something?), and in a lighter shade with no large staining, all cues for me to hit buy now with little delay! The clutch is a little later in style than the rest of this rather 30's ensemble, being from the 1940's of course, but that's the joy of wearing vintage now, getting to mix and match as you please :)

This bolero suit is made out of the same rayon/linen blend that the red dress I wore in Monday's post is made from, and even if I can never quite get boleros to fit me correctly, I still think it works. Does anyone know of a great bolero pattern for large busted gals? I just can't seem to get it right drafting them on my own. This blouse however is a real favorite as I just love the colors and print, even if it is made from polyester which we all know I'm not a huge fan of (who is really?). I really need to stop slacking and make more blouses like this one, but we all know how much sewing I'm getting done this year...

I'm off since I've got bunches to do tonight, but I hope you all have had a good week!

Suit & Blouse: Made by me
Hat, Clutch, & Gloves: Vintage
Shoes: Royal Vintage Shoes


  1. That HAT is everything! Gorgeous. And I love the last shot, too, the plants frame you so beautifully! x

    1. Thank you Kristina! This was one of the very first vintage hats I ever bought and it remains a favorite :)

  2. Very pretty! I love the floral print with the black, and the accessories are a fun way to emphasize all the colors in the print.
    Is there a particular shop where you find your gloves? I'd like to start incorporating them into some of my outfits, but I wear a size 8 in gloves, and I'm having a hard time finding options that fit that I actually like.

    1. Thank you Jessica! I have bought a few pairs of gloves from a particular shop ( but mostly I just search endlessly from any shop by size since I'm a size 8 too and finding them can be a real nightmare! I am really strict about only buying gloves that are labeled a size 7 1/2 or 8, or where the seller includes ALL the measurements because I got real fed up with people saying "should fit larger hands" or "marked one size fits all' and having them disappointingly not fit! The moment I have a ton of capital to throw around (ahem...sure, why not) I'll be doing a repro glove line in every color and size darnit!

  3. That botanical garden makes a lovely setting for your photo. I love the way you work with colours. Some bloggers I like really ramp up the contrast and it looks fab; you look equally fab working with complimentary ones. The power of accessories!


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