February 4, 2018

New Video: Vintage Accessories Haul

A habit of mine that never changes, my devotion to vintage accessories! In this video I talk through some of my more recent acquisitions and why I added them to my collection :) And now I've got to get back to working on fiction because that's all my brain really wants to do today <3


  1. Dear Bianca, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching your video. You have a lovely speaking voice which would be even more perfect if you slowed down a little! I do hope you won't take offence at my saying this, but your presentation would be so brilliant with that one tiny change. The accessories you bought are fantastic - a really good haul. You must have eagle eyes to pick such lovely things out!

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! While I do also speak quickly in my daily life, it's also something I am conscious of when making videos and actually prefer being too fast as compared to being too slow. On YouTube (not the vintage side of youtube, all of it) faster voices/videos do better than longer slower ones, its something I am just aware of from following the platform for many years, and is of course always subject to change but has been a bit of a standard. Fast jump cuts are a YouTube staple, umms are looked down upon, and there is a reason they added a way to speed up videos so you wouldn't have to sit through a 20 minute tutorial for only 5 minutes of information. Which is all to say, I am aware I speak quickly, and while I would love to get more comfortable in general in front of the camera with practice, talking relatively fast is something that will probably stay. Thank you for the feedback!

  2. That hat is fabulous!! And that shape of that brown Corde is amazing! The detailing on those red gloves is great too! And that last linked brooch set! OH MY GOD!!! I'm dying! Too fabulous for words!!



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