February 5, 2018

Concrete Conservatory

Let us pretend I was going for a retro film grain look, and that't why today's photos have that lovely touch of noise and hint of blur...yeah? Okay cool, thanks. In reality, the lighting was just weird because I was in a faux jungle of concrete and ferns. I looove a greenhouse, and the Denver Botanic Gardens even had an orchid show on! Aren't the white flowers with the dark pink splotches divine?

This skirt was a bit of an impulse buy from the not great mega fast-fashion giant known as H&M, and honestly, I'm embarrassed to say that. I don't want to shop at fast fashion brands anymore, or really, anywhere that isn't sustainable and ethical. I want to talk about this decision more in a dedicated post soon, but I think it's safe to say this may have been my very last H&M purchase. All that said, I need to hem this skirt don't I? Just a little bit, but it's just a tad too long. The colors of the embroidery are very pretty and feel a bit springy during this foliage free season. I paired the more feminine skirt with my plush vintage velvet jacket and mostly black accessories. The bee brooch and green gloves added a touch more color, along with my colorful hair of course!

You may have noticed there has been a lot of vintage clothing appearing here on the blog recently, as opposed to new sewing projects, and that's because honestly...I haven't been sewing! This is probably the longest I have gone without sewing in years actually, and it does feel strange. I have been spending my time writing instead, and it feels almost like I don't have a choice because there are ideas/characters banging on the inside of my skull begging to get put into type. I really hope someone else gets to enjoy these stories half as much as I do one day when they're finished, because I sure am enjoying working on writing fiction right now. It's impossible to know whether that will ever be the case, but what is really freeing is that I (almost...) don't care because I am having such a good time writing!

How about you all, what medium are you working in this year so far? I've simply got to get some sewing done one of these day soon, but then I'll still be up writing all night long ;)

Skirt: H&M
Jacket, Clutch, Gloves, Brooch, & Earrings: Vintage
Fishnets: TJ Maxx
Shoes: Remix Vintage Shoes


  1. What an interesting location! I love greenhouses. Very pretty skirt, I was tempted by that same one. It's great to think sustainably, but we are human and the odd impulse buy is bound to happen! X

    1. Thank you Porcelina! I love greenhouses too, one day I'd love to visit the Barbican in London as it seems to have a similar concrete/plant mix going on. H&M do such pretty things sometimes it's hard, I just have to not go to the centers where the stores are so I wont get tempted!

  2. I would NEVER have paired a floaty spring floral skirt with a velvet blazer, and then your wonderful fishnet stockings! You are absolutely a style icon for me. Thank you for your creativity, but also your dedication to the authentic shapes of the mid-century!

    1. Thank you Angela! You are too kind!! <3 I am really trying to narrow down on my style this year so this is such an extra lovely comment to receive :)

  3. Regardless of the skirt's origins, it does look perfect in this setting. And it is such a lovely setting! Kx


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