February 1, 2018

Been Bugged

No I promise I'm not wearing a wire, this place isn't bugged. In fact, this place, an artificial jungle probably doesn't even have many real bugs, let alone electronic ones. But doesn't a large domed greenhouse sound like a perfect place for spies to meet up? It's the Bond film fan in me, I love a good spy thriller, and an exotic noir tinged rendezvous in a false jungle seems perfectly reasonable.

I was pretty convinced these photos were going to be rubbish actually, because this dress is a bit too big, and I'm not really happy with how it fits/looks in the shoulders since they are so rounded. Perhaps I will like the dress better if I try tacking in some shoulder pads? It's worth trying. The dress is vintage, picked up on Etsy recently for a steal, but you just can never know if you will love something without being able to try it on. I do however love the lace fabric and soft green color, even if I am unsure about the fit. I decided to style it with dark green accessories and a fun stamped golden leather clutch I received for Christmas this past holiday. Then I had to wear my dark green metallic Bait footwear heels to match of course. The brass bug brooches were an instant buy now Etsy purchase near the end of last year and I adore them!

I was inspired to visit the botanical gardens and take photos there by the recent Lena Hoschek fashion show which was hosted in a similar tropical conservatory space. Watch or check out the show because her latest collection is beyond gorgeous, and I'd love to have virtually every look that came down the runway. The color pallet was especially rich, with many shades of acidic and forest greens making up the bulk of the rage on display. Anyone know where I can get fabrics like these please?

I may have not been feeling this dress in the moment, but I'm surprised to find I actually like it more than I thought on reflection. Perhaps with some shoulder support I might actually love it! There is hope yet ;)

Dress: Vintage
Shoes: Bait Footwear
Fishnets: TJ Maxx
Handbag, Gloves, Belt, & Jewelry: Vintage


  1. I can't believe you were disappointed in the dress. I think this has to be up with my favourites of your outfits. The different shades of green are just wonderful - all so different but you have pieced them together so beautifully. It may be the setting as well, but it just works - and also with your hair colour (and, come to think of it, you are sporting the suffragette colours!). Somehow it works better with black tights than it would with tan, although that must have been a temptation with a look that otherwise shouts daytime. Kx

    1. Thank you! I wish I had dark green sheer backseam stockings, but with my limited options currently I opted for the black fishnets as they are the sheerest dark tights I've got right now! I need to source some new ones ;)

  2. I love this place! And I totally agree, very Bond-esque!

    Your disappointment in this dress is what keeps me from buying on-line. Seriously, unless something is a skirt, I don't buy it on-line, because I have more misses than hits when it comes to on-line purchases.


    PS: Sorry for all of the comments today! I'm playing blog catch up!

    1. Thank you Janey! I feel like I got comfortable buying suits online since I worked out (through some ill advised early buys of course) what measurements I had to look out for, but now trying to buy dresses is somehow more difficult!? I just need to stop being lazy and get back to sewing things since I know those will fit!

  3. I like the dress, the colour is very pretty and I think it looks lovely. Great location.


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