April 15, 2016

Finished Sewing Room Redo!

As you all know, I have been reorganizing and redecorating my sewing room, and today the project is finally finished! It occurs to me that it might not actually look very different to an outside eye, but I know how different the room feels! I now have a fully functional (and adorable *squee!*) desk/office area for blogging (and soon vlogging too) in the room as well. I am currently sitting at my new desk to write this post! For those of you who haven't see the befores of this room, check out this post where I go into more detail of my plan for the space. Then in this post I updated you all on my progress and Ikea purchases.

There were bags and bags of "trash" (sewing scraps, fabric from old projects, old mock ups, old school work, broken things, etc...) removed from this room. I also removed several of those plastic storage drawer tote things that never really work and also look horrible. Now I can use my pretty velvet bench (it's in the window, hooray seating!) finally after years of using it as a catch all. I hung up lots of new art and...wait you all just want to see don't you? Okay, without further ado, my newly improved sewing room/office!

I do have a thin vase for those large leaves leaning against the wall above the sink, I just need to bring it downstairs!
I made this little seat cushion for my new swivel chair (Ikea of course)

(There are a lot of photos, sorry not sorry!)

I'm still using these woven baskets to store the fabric for my next few projects, I like to see them? It works for me I suppose.
Record player <3 Also my lovely new red cart next to the sink with my first house plant, a ZZ plant which are supposed to be hard to kill!
A new London poster above my drafting table and pink boxes on all my shelves.
I hope I can keep it this organized!

Amazing prints from the illustrator Fran Meneses known by Frannerd on the internet. Check out her YouTube channel!
More new house plants and some flowers I cut from the tree outside our house. Also a black speaker because I like to rock out while I work (sometimes I rock out to 80's jams, other times to the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack, it varies!)
My new office area!

I am in love with this lamp (Ikea!) and the LED edison bulb I put in it <3
My first succulents!

The copper mercury glass mason jars are from Joanns, how cute are they? They look beautiful with candles inside. I can't believe I didn't have a dedicated area for blogging and writing before. I am so motivated and inspired by this little corner already! Plus I have the nice big windows to our back garden where there is a babbling waterfall in the summer and fall. The large frames above my desk are two Edwardian fashion plates (originals!) that I bought back in 2009-ish and haven't had hanging up since I moved back home and I missed them so! The photos on the other wall include a large photo from the 2006 Marie Antoinette film, photos of my parents and grandparents, and postcards I have picked up in my travels. I also brought my fun glass terrariums out from storage and have my small natural history collection displayed inside them with the moss.

Then there are the plants, I really want to keep these alive! I actually want more plants...I'm addicted! I had a blast picking out foliage at my favorite garden center with my dad and I can't wait to go back! Picking out plants has always been a fun thing my dad and I enjoy doing together and it is time together I really treasure. I know we'll being going back next moth to get more plants for our backyard and I'll definitely be getting more for my sewing room! That cleaned off counter along the cabinets is far too tempting, I fear it will host a jungle shortly :)

My black vanity and matching mirror are staying in the space for now and that is where I'll be filming some hair tutorials soon for my new YouTube channel. I'll also be making a video tour of this space too, as if I didn't have enough photos :p

You guys can sorta understand why I haven't moved into my own place yet huh? Who would want to give up this kinda studio space! It's true I hope I'll be able to afford my own place soon, but until then at least I can get some serious work done in the loveliest space I've ever had. I feel very lucky to have supportive and encouraging parents <3 This millennial still has her dreams, I'm a living stereotype ;)

I hope you guys enjoyed this photo heavy reveal. If there is anything you have questions about (again, those cat pillows are from Ikea!) feel free to ask in the comments as I love hearing from you all!


  1. This is gorgeous! I love all the light, and the white paint really brightens it up. Fantastic storage, too!

    1. Thank you Emileigh! I actually didn't paint the room luckily, it is a super soft blue color which works just as well as white I feel. I am super lucky to have two big windows for natural light :)

  2. What a great space I love the new arrangement, it looks like such a calm and yet inspiring place to work! I am little jealous, if I had a space like that I don't think I would ever want to leave it :-)

    1. Thanks Wendy! I really don't want to leave it :) And as there is a blizzard outside, luckily I don't have to this weekend!

  3. Awwwwwssssssoooooommmmmeeeeee!!! Love, love, love your revamped space and all of the chic, beautiful decor elements (from the mercury glass jars to the succulents) that you've enriched it with. Fantastic work!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. I like all the finishing touches to your room. It looks like a fabulous space to work and be creative in. You must be so very pleased.

  5. What a beautiful sewing space! It looks like it's very functional as well, which is so important for a creative space. Love the artwork you picked! :)

    1. Thank you Kate! It has been a great functionality upgrade indeed, I am so excited about my new chair with wheels!


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