April 3, 2016

Sewing Room Redo: In Progress

I finally got started on my sewing room makeover! I've been sick for two weeks and just finally had enough energy yesterday to go to IKEA. After all, a serious IKEA trip requires some courage as it is both overwhelming and crowded! I may have gotten a bit distracted and bought more than I'd planned! The white desk lamp below was love at first sight, the brass accents! I picked up a super fun faux Edison vintage style bulb at Home Depot that looks the part but is actually LED. In this lamp the combination is perfect! I also picked up my first house plant while at Home Depot, a zz plant which are supposed to be quite hard to kill. I want to get a few more smaller plants and possibly some succulents too but I'll have to try a garden center for those.

Today I made progress by removing an old table that took up too much space, moving a bookcase to a different part of the room, and cleaning out mountains of old fabric scraps and papers I no longer need. I put together two new white tables from Ikea that are now my new L-shaped desk (alright I put one together and then my dad put the second together for me!). Removing the old rug and bringing in two new rugs to the space changed the look of the room so I felt like I got more done than I did! I have another full day of cleaning and organizing ahead of me but it will have to wait till Friday!
1) I picked up this pretty metallic and white shade to use as a hanging lamp over the desk area. It's very retro mod looking in person so I am excited to see how it looks in the space! I wasn't planning on introducing copper into the room but I found some cute copper mason jars at Joanns to accent the color in the lamp.

2) The best desk lamp! Since finding this lamp I have learned it is actually a very trendy lamp among interior decor bloggers, so I'm jumping on that trend :)

3) This cute little cart now lives next to my sink with the lovely zz plant ontop! I found the cart in the bathroom section of IKEA, told you I got distracted...

4) Cat print pillows. CAT PRINT PILLOWS! I bough two, no questions asked! They fit on my bench perfectly too which was a nice bonus.

I'm sorry to have been quite missing recently, I caught a terrible sore throat/fever/respiratory/pink eye/cough thing and have been useless (and unable to wear makeup!) for weeks. My energy is finally returning and I hope to be back in the full swing of things shortly. I hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. I really hope that you are feeling better, it sounds like a horrible illness. Your sewing room plans are very exciting.

    1. Thank you Kate! I am finally better once more, though a dry cough is irritatingly lingering!


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