March 6, 2016

Sewing Room Upgrade: The Plan

Above are photos of my sewing room as it is currently arranged. Well almost, as these photos are from 2013 and it is much much messier right now! I really need to clean up/out the space so that it works better for me and is easier to keep organized. Mainly I want to take an old art table that is currently unused (not pictured above, it's in front of the window opposite the view above) out of the room as it is currently just serving as a surface to collect stuff on and replace it with a functioning desk/table instead. I also want to move one of the bookcases to the opposite wall, add a new rug, and in general just get rid of the mountains of "stuff" that never gets touched or will never be used.

A few Pinterest worthy inspiration images below...

The main concept for the room is lots of white with pops of fun colors. My room is already painted a very soft light blue which is a nice base. I plan on rearranging the furniture and adding two new tables from the ever reliably affordable Ikea. Actually, with my wishlist of items pictured below, Ikea should be sponsoring this post! (they aren't, but feel free to hit me up Ikea!).

1) New tables, these are the super inexpensive Linmmon.

2) A cute colorful woven runner for along my big navy blue drafting table, the tile gets real cold down here in the basement!

3) Pretty pink boxes for storing patterns and other stuff on my existing bookshelves.

4) This gorgeous colorful striped rug for the center of the room where my sewing table and desk live. I just love the colors :)

5) Sewing room essentials, little trash cans everywhere: by the machine, by the ironing board, under the drafting get the idea.

6) A new chair that I can swivel from my sewing table to my desk and back without having to pick it up. I'm currently using the tiny chair that matches my black vanity (seen in the first photo at the top of this post) and am constantly moving it back and forth! (also said little chair is sort of falling apart and needs some serious TLC).

7) A fun pendant lamp for the corner of the room over the new white tables to add some whimsy.
8) Cute and colorful boxes to hold pens and pencils around the room. 
9) I may even add some indoor plants! I'm no green thumb and they would have to be hardy, but it would be so nice to have a mini garden indoors.
10) I wanted an excuse to buy this lantern last time I was in Ikea, so I may just let myself buy one just because it's so cute!

I'll be putting up some new fun images and art on the cork boards and may even try my hand at some DIY bunting for the ultimate in cutesy indie overload factor! I really can't wait to get started on updating the room, I want to go to Ikea right now, but first I have to clean the room :( There is so much that just needs to be organized or thrown out! I think with the new furnishing the re-do should cost me around $200-$250 dollars, and for how much time I spend in the sewing room that sounds well worth it to me!

Do any of you have a dedicated space for sewing or crafting? I know I am super lucky to have a whole room! It's good too because when it is super messy (aka, always), I can just close the door and no one has to know about it ;)


  1. Will be fab to see the finished room! x

    1. Thanks Porcelina! I'm looking forward to it too :)

  2. What a fantastic space you have to work in - it's so roomy (at least to me, but I could be biased because I'm used to living in pretty tiny homes) and looks like it gives you areas for a lot of different jobs/equipment. I definitely think that $200 - $250 is well worth investing in a room where you spend so much time. I'm convinced that the more one like the look and organizational layout of their creative space, the more successful they are while in said space.

    Wishing you all the best with your revamping,

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I am super (super) lucky to have such an awesome space. The room is in the basement but is super cozy as our basement is fully finished. I definitely have several little stations around the room for specific tasks. Thanks for the renovation wishes :)

  3. Oooh a functioning moveable chair is definitely a must-have! I had been using some cheap wooden chairs, and just in pushing in, sewing, pushing out, ironing, rinse repeat ad nauseum, I trashed one chair, and the second is in sad shape! The ones I currently use have some bounce to them, so they are fine with getting pushed in and out.

    I love seeing sewing rooms -- I'm excited to see the revamp! (And isn't there ALWAYS so much stuff? :-P)

    1. Right? So much stuff! Where does it all even come from! I am starting to get quite excited about the prospect of a new chair :)

  4. It is very exciting to give a room a makeover, your ideas look great. I think when you spend so much time in it it is important that the room functions well and makes you happy. All my craft stuff is in my spare room and I have a desk in there to sew on and a comfy chair for knitting. I'm in the process of a massive tidy up and clear out as it is horribly messy at the moment!

    1. I really can't wait to get started, I have a few last projects to finish first and the I can start cleaning out the space and vacuuming up all the errant pins that get everywhere! A comfy chair for knitting sounds wonderful, I'll have to try and find one of those :)


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