August 23, 2015

Widows of Culloden, Alexander McQueen Fall 2006

It sounds very pretentious and a bit too grand to say one high fashion collection changed the course of my life, but that is the absolute truth when it comes to Alexander McQueen's Fall/Winter collection from 2006. In 2006 I was in high school, thinking I would go into fine art and become a painter (That was once my answer for the consummate question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"). Then I discovered fashion and above all, the mastery of McQueen. There is no other collection, from no other designer, that has had such a profound impact on me. This collection opened my mind to the world of fashion, to historicism for the modern woman, and I went onto study apparel design in college and I still dream of opening my own label someday even now. Lee McQueen was undoubtedly a genius, and this collection exemplifies what I consider to be McQueen at his best.

All that aside, this collection is also full on amazing inspiration for fall. Plaid? Check. Tweed? Check. Gorgeous lace and feather hats? Check and check! I wanted to share this collection in case any of you have somehow never seen this majestic show. Though to experience it in full, you have to do a bit of work, as one video is large and in nice resolution, and one is tiny and sad but has the music track attached, so I recommend turning both videos on at once and watching the nice video while listening to the other one. It's an extra step, but it is worth it to have the music for the full effect. I also recommend full screen-ing the nice video, because honestly, you just should.

Nice high definition nice video:

Video for the soundtrack:

Extra bonus inspiration still necessary to kick start your yearning for fall fashions? Good thing I have another McQueen show for you to watch--- (and this time the video and sound are in one)

There simply is nothing like McQueen, what a dream world he created.


  1. I had seen stills but never the whole show. I kept getting chills and even treated up a bit at the antler horn wedding dress. Must have feather hat. Off to buy yards and yards of plaid.

    1. I have watched this show dozens of times and it still gives me chills too, so amazing <3 I too am off to buy yards and yards of plaid!

  2. Oh tartan how I deeply love you! Swoon! Tartan speaks to me powerfully - if past lives are real, I swear, I must have been Scottish at some point. :)

    ♥ Jessica


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