August 21, 2015

Fall 2015 Wishlist

As I was saying earlier in the week, my preparations for fall have begun! That means soon I will be adding a few new sweaters, pairs of tights, and perhaps even some gloves to my wardrobe. For the longest time I had very few (like...2) sweaters in my closet, and I live in Colorado so that didn't make much sense. I am still quite lacking in the cozy knits category so I mean to remedy the situation this season! I also need to restock on sheer black tights, both back seam and swiss dot, before the weather goes cold again at the end of next month. I live in sheer black tights in fall and winter, I'd love to get navy ones too, but alas they are crazy difficult to find! Perhaps this will be the year of the navy tight? Please?

1) Violet Art Deco Mary Janes by b.a.i.t. (Emerald) The color of shoe I am still missing from my collection is dark green! Plus, these are Peggy Carter's shoes from the show, only in green instead of blue, which is definitely making me want them even more!

2) Red Velvet Lipstick Another Peggy pick, she wears Beseme's red velvet shade! I have never tried Beseme but this may be the season to do just that!

3) Fishnet with Back Seam and Orchid Flower These are some gorgeous backseams! They are a bit pricey at $18.99, but fishnets tend to hold up better than pantyhose so it may just be worth it. Can't you see these with a 20's dress?

4) Hot Sticks  I have watched several hair tutorial videos where these hot sticks by Conair are mentioned as a good alternative to sleeping in curlers for vintage styles. I have only hestitated due to the fact I will have to buy two sets for my long thick hair. I think I need a hair cut before I can achieve 1940's set styles again.

5) Bubble Brown Sunglasses These seem a bit 30's right? This website Polette doesn't just have an amazing selection of unique sunglasses at super affordable prices, but also eyeglasses frames in very vintage shapes! I need to get my eyes checked soooo badly, and when I get my inevitable new prescription, I'm getting my new frames from here for sure!

L6036 CCO9 Bra from What Katie Did
I have been thinking about investing in a What Katie Did bullet bra. I am also afraid I will look a bit crazy, so I'd go for the subtler-ish version above. The idea of having the correct vintage underpinnings really apeals to me. Talk about the "sweater girl" look right?

6) Green Jumpsuit Wait what? A jumpsuit? Hear me out. We got this jumpsuit in at work and I tried it on more as a joke, but then it fit me really well and looked so so 40's riveter that now I can't get it out of my head! With red heels and a bandanna in my hair? With my brown lace up boots and an aviator jacket? I am mildly obsessed with buying this jumpsuit!

7) 3/4 Sleeve Crochet Sweater I doubt I'll be knitting lace patterned sweaters anytime soon, so this nice option from JCPenny has caught my eye. I wish it came in black or navy, but I may go for the golden yellow or the latte brown.

8) 3/4 Sleeve Sweater Another great sweater from JCPenny, I love the dark wine color.

9) Long Sleeve Cable Crewneck Sweater I live in a place that snows and can be quite cold for half of the year and I don't own a single cable knit sweater. This must be remedied! I am thinking either the charcoal grey or the navy blue.

10) Classic Heathered Sweater I know Forever21 is evil and all, but this sweater is damn cute! I love the pumpkin spice color and that it is shorter like a vintage sweater would be. This one is high on my list.

11) Bow High Neck Blouse I am intrigued by this bow blouse too (also from Forever21) but I'd rather have a bow that ties over the collarbone as opposed to high at the neck. I really need to give in and just make a bow tie blouse pattern so I can sew them however I'd like.

12) Jacquard Floral Sweater This sweater is much pricier than the others at $88 dollars, but it reminds me of the tricolored victory sweater from the V&A pattern so much I am lusting after it anyway! So pretty!

The other things on my wishlist have to be made rather than purchased. For example I'd love a brown or rust colored cloche to go with some of my fall colored 20's dresses. In fact I have a few styles of hat of my list of tings to be made for this fall. Then there are the dozens of stash busting sewing projects ahead of me. I have the most lovely wool plaid in dark forest green and navy blue for example (that I have had for years now) that will finally be becoming a skirt suit this year! That's just one of the many fall sewing projects I have coming up in an effort to use up my stash (okay...hoard) of fabrics hiding in my sewing room. I'll give you guys a preview of some of those fabrics next week :)

What gaps are you looking to fill in your fall wardrobe this year? Is anyone else crazy like me and already browsing the fall offerings in stores? Please say yes :) Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. I'd avoid sweaters that aren't warm materials. Cotton sweaters a) bag out because they have poor recovery and b) aren't as warm as wool, cashmere, or alpaca. Go thrifting! I buy all of my cashmere for under $5 a piece and at Goodwill. And I own lots of cashmere.

    The nice thing about wool especially is it's antimicrobial and so with a good airing after each wear (and probably a shirt underneath), you don't need to wash it all season. And I LIVE in my sweaters.

    But i'm in love with your fall palette -- all beautiful colors and textures and coziness everywhere!

    1. Sadly the thrift stores in my area are quite devoid of sweaters, which is rather odd! They have racks of jersey shirts but actual sweaters seem quite rare! Just more incentive to learn to knit!

    2. That's TERRIBLE. I'm so sorry. Sometimes I forget just how thriving the thrift culture is in the Boston metropolitan area. I can keep an eye out for you. :-P

      -- Tegan

  2. If you are worried about being too sweater girl, I've found that wearing a camisole under a sweater helps tone down the crazy bullet bra shape.

    1. Good thinking, thanks for the tip! I don't want to look too Madonna :)

  3. Sheer navy tights are really easy to find in the UK and you see them quite commonly on the street, particularly as an alternative to black in workwear. Most stores have them, like M&S, plus the online retailers (like and I don't know if they ship to the US, but perhaps one of us followers on this side of the Atlantic could help you! Karen x

    1. I suppose I should have been more specific, as I can find super sheer navy pantyhose here, the kind that like to rip when you look at them, let alone try and wear them. I just can't find nicer (a bit thicker but not opaque, just sturdier) sheer navy tights with a back-seam. I'ts all about the backseam, navy backseam tights are super rare, even navy fishnets are impossible to find. It does seem the UK has more options than here the US, I just struggle with buying tights internationally. It just seems too risky to pay that much for both one pair of tights and shipping in case they arrive and are crappy rip-right-away quality.I just wish more US brands would make the same tights they already make but in navy too. (Like What Katie did backseams which are super high quality, I wish they made them in navy so much!) I am surprisingly picky and passionate about the subject of sheer navy tights it turns out!

    2. Oh, I see! I have had navy seamed stockings fairly recently (from WKD if I remember correctly) AND blue seamed tights - but that was a good few years ago. Your post and message have made me want some again! I found some from Pamela Mann ( and this really interesting pair from Fogal - - not classic but I love 'em! I know what you mean about international shipping: I rarely do it - but if you need any help, let me know. Kx

  4. What a swoon worthy, stylish, gorgeous wishlist. I'm especially taken by the green heels and orchid seamed stockings.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Loving the green heels. I want to try Besame too, am just a bit wary of buying lipstick online without being able to try out colours. I am starting to plan my autumn wardrobe too, I want to plan some knitwear and try to sew a 1949's skirt in wool or tweed.

    1. Thanks Kate, they are actually quite comfortable too! Nothing beats a 40's skirt in wool tweed, I'd like a navy one myself! Your knits are gorgeous, I am excited to see what you make during the coming season :)


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