February 5, 2014

The First Ladies Dresses

As a historical fashion nerd, one of my most important stops while in DC was to see the first ladies dresses at the American History Museum. I wish that the DC textile museum was open while I was in town but this was sadly as close as I was going to get to some historic costume while visiting.  I really think that the Smithsonian should have an entire wing/exhibit just on clothing, american clothing and textiles or something like that. Goodness knows they must have clothing and textiles as part of their collections already so why not put together a display for us hungry costumers who would visit in droves!

Anyway, off I went to see the first ladies dresses. The exhibit was really nice, well laid out and showcased the clothing well I thought. Best of all, photography was allowed!

Michelle Obama's second inaugural gown
I was surprised how much I really liked Hillary Clinton's inaugural gown, such a great color!

This Lalique brooch was actually over on the President's side of the exhibit but I have a magnetic attraction to all things Lalique so I found it anyways! a gift tEdith Wilson, wife of President Woodrow Wilson from the people of Paris
I would like to analyze a few of the gowns in more detail this week, as I took many more photos and want to do a little research on the first ladies of the past and their sartorial choices. Check back later this week for more first ladies fashion!

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