February 6, 2014

20's Hair Dressing

From 3:00-3:16 the man styling the hair makes waves super quickly with a little iron and I can't figure out how! It is amazing I need to know! What are these hair secrets of the 20's that look so much faster than finger waving! Even if I manage to make good finger waves my hair is so think that it takes days to dry so waiting for my hair to dry in the set is impossible! grrr I want to know these secrets of the past, someone come teach me

In other news, I got my vintage curling iron and wave iron in the mail and I can't seem to get how the wave iron works. I heated it up by hanging it over the grate of my fireplace which worked perfectly but once I crimped it down on my hair all I got was crinkly sort-of-waves not nice smooth 20's waves. These irons seem like they were very popular, but I can't imagine women were getting the same result as I did today and being happy with it! I don't know what I'm doing wrong but perhaps there is a secret to getting it to work and have my hair looked Marcel wave fabulous instead of sad crimped? Anyone with advice please comment, with my hair in its bobbed state I really want to be able to wear it Marcel waved!

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