October 15, 2013

Fort Collins

There were the most beautiful soft pink roses outside the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery when I visited this weekend. Since then a nasty cold (with a fever and everything, wooo) has struck me hard and has meant today I stayed in bed and couldn't go into work. It is lovely looking at these photos and knowing what a great weekend I had even though I have been feeling like total crap so far this week.

Many of my friends headed up to Fort Collins, our college town, this past Saturday to visit our favorite restaurants and college haunts. It has been a really rough time for me emotionally since leaving school and it was both weird and wonderful to be in our old stomping grounds that we left only a few months ago. We visited the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery, which though a small museum, was very well done in my opinion. The style and arrangement of the main exhibit hall was interesting and new, mixing contemporary technology and style with the antique artifacts and experience based installations.

interesting exhibits with items from Fort Collins past
optical illusions
Local wildlife

Gorgeous hawk, just huge up close! 

View from the rooftop of the museum
The view from the rooftop of the museum was really nice and provided a great way to get an aerial view of the town as I had never seen it before. I also loved seeing the fall colors doting the scenery.

The train tracks through CSU campus
The CSU oval
After indulging at our favorite restaurants (415 for dinner Saturday night being the best as usual) we ended our visit with a short walk on the CSU campus and a nice chat sitting on the grass in the oval. My favorite part of campus by far has to be "the oval", the oldest part with its classical style buildings and gorgeous avenue of huge trees. I already cant wait to drive back up soon, hopefully for a weekend a little less planned and even more chilled out. Until then, I must work on getting better because I can't be missing work like this! 

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