October 21, 2013

Seasonal Desires

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. Whats not to like about getting loads of candy and an excuse to dress up? As I have gotten older it has changed; I learned to make my own costumes and in high school held elaborate themed parties every year in my parent's basement. Though I am not yet sure how I am celebrating this year (I'm currently thinking spooky movie night with caramel apples and good friends!) I have been considering some seasonal shopping!

I never had a traditional goth phase in middle or high school, mostly because my mom wouldn't really let me. That said, as a now long time devotee of black and lace, I have never truly given up on my youthful desires for a more gothic themed wardrobe. My desire for black tutus then has evolved into an admiring of Rick Owens and Alexander McQueen now. I would perhaps still fancy a black ballerina skirt, though of a longer and more floatier style now though! Halloween appropriate clothing and accessories range from elegant and creepy to colorful and campy and when done right can transition into wardrobe staples fit for beyond the season. That's why I have been stalking these skull and bones styles of jewelry on etsy for weeks and am just about ready to place an order for something slightly spooky!

These real vertebrae earrings are to die for, get it? but in all seriousness I love these, so cool and the bonus factor of probably legitimately freaking people out. BoneJewelry on Etsy
This vial of animal teeth necklace is also from BoneJewelry
Spinal style earrings in shining or antiqued silver from Skeletos , perfectly quiet until you realize what they are

Crazy cool 3D printed ring in the form of a cat skull, what an amazing 'cocktail ring' this would be! from HiddenSeek for an amazingly affordable $13.93
The soon to be classic crow skull necklace, I have yet to invest but the options at this shop skullery all make me want to change that!

*as usual no recommendations in this post are sponsored, I just like to share my favorites from my online window shopping!

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