August 13, 2013

Gown Redo - Stomacher #2

 When it came time to make new sleeves for the gown redo I simply had no extra fabric left! I decided to use the old sleeves from the original gown because overall the shape wasn't bad and they fit. While I thought over how I wanted to finish and trim the sleeves I decided to play with making a second stomacher. The brocade has a very subtle green in the flowers leaves and so I picked up on that and used a scrap of olive green raw silk as a base. I layered on some smoky pink dupioni silk stripes and then several rows of metallic silver lace trim. I didn't want the super striped look though so I added some black lace motifs and then sewed on rhinestones, sequins (spangles) and beads to make everything sparkle in the "candlelight" :)

I really like how this stomacher turned out, I plan to make a black silk francaise gown someday and I think this stomacher will look great with a black gown and olive green or silver petticoat. I think I will make an olive green petticoat to go with this gown and this stomacher for a more evening kinda look. Even though I know this gown is not very accurate thanks to my machine sewing and it being made of polyester, I really love how it is coming together post-redo! I am ready to trim the gown fronts and sleeves and am going to be making some fly fringe for even more embellishment so stay tuned!

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