August 10, 2013

Gown Redo - Stomacher

I have been making steady progress on the gown redo. I finished the bodice and decided to take a break from the gown and make the stomacher for the front. I will be trimming the gown with a lightweight crisp moire taffeta (acetate) in a light taupe. The same fabric will be used for the new underskirt/petticoat. I wanted to have a deep pleated flounce on the petticoat but I don't think I will have enough fabric. I decided to play a bit while making the stomacher to see how the fabric fared with a raw pinked edge. It seems to be holding up quite well so I will pink the edges of the gown trim as well.

I drew up a semi-circle scalloped edge template on some cardboard and traced the edge onto the strips of fabric. I tore some 3 inch wide strips to gather into the shirred stripes and was quite happy with how those came out. I then filled in the empty spaces with the scalloped pinked trim which I gathered up the middle. I think I will make a second stomacher for this gown using some silver trim and sequin embroidery for when I want an even more formal look. I have always loved the embellished stomacher of the wedding gown from the film The Duchess (2008) and so I hope to achieve a similar look for the alternate stomacher.

 I still want to make some fly fringe to put on this stomacher and the gown. I am going to try and find some suitable braided trim to add the fly fringe to and use for trimming this gown. I would love to add some silk ribbon rosettes or bows as well so I will have to make a trip down to my favorite fabric and trim shop this week!

Stomacher pinned onto the dress form to see how it will look!

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