January 1, 2015

Post Holiday Shopping

Is anyone else having trouble avoiding post holiday shopping? To be honest, I have a hard time avoiding shopping most of the time actually! I decided that it was finally time to splurge and invest in some new hosiery. I am constantly on the look out for vintage looking back-seam tights in any color. I have yet to make the jump to the fully fashioned stockings and garter belt of a true 50's gal. Truth be told, I am just too lazy for all that effort most days! Luckily there a a few options for ladies like me who prefer tights over stockings.

Every vintage gal who has looked into vintage style hosiery and lingerie knows the brand What Katie Did. I dream of owning some of their lovely lingerie someday, but I finally bit the bullet and splurged on their back-seam tights! Not gonna lie I am really excited to own some What Katie did! I bought two pairs, the chocolate brown back-seam sheers and the contrast seam sheer black with red seams. What I really dream of are a pair of navy back-seams! I can't seem to find them anywhere, if any of you gals know where to get some please share your secrets!

My new favorite black seamed sheers are these Hanes 30 denier beck-seam tights. I bought a pair to test how durable they would be and have pleasantly surprised! They are a bit more opaque at 30 denier than an average pantyhose but it adds to their durability. I just ordered a second pair to have on hand!

Do any of you have a secret source for vintage back-seams? Please share!


  1. Usually I don't feel its pull at that much (temptation yes, but actual desire to plonk down money, not as much), but this year, I really am. I think it stems in part from the fact that I bought relatively little for myself in 2015 (my focus being on my budding business and also on our family budget) and that I know the same will ring true this year. All these great sales though make shopping easier to justify, so I have indulged (mostly with money I received for Christmas) a little and don't feel bad at all about doing so. We all need at least a few new items to spruce up our wardrobes with for the coming year.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* I have yearned for navy seamed stockings for many, many years, too. If you ever find a source of modern ones (or a cache of vintage) please let me know, dear gal - and I'll be sure to do the same if I uncover one.

  2. I am actually considering instituting a spending freeze on myself for the month of February! I may have gone a bit over the top this season! It's really okay, because due to my crazy holiday work schedule (yikes retail!), I do have extra spending money, but I know I should be saving it instead of shopping! It should probably be one of my 2015 goals to actually learn to save more. Thanks to ample stores of fabric I have gathered over the years, I can still add new items to my closet even when I can't shop, and that's really what I should be doing!

    I will definitely share the news (from the roof tops!) if I ever manage to find navy seamed hosiery! I can't imagine the pent up joy I would feel if I ever finally find some! I did find a great looking pair on an online hosiery store from the UK, but the tights were $25 dollars, and then the shipping to the US was 15 pounds! I just cant justify spending that kind of money on something that may rip so easily! my search continues!


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