January 4, 2015

Acquisitions: New Vintage Jewelry

 You guys know I love jewelry, especially vintage jewelry. I like to justify my addition by calling myself a 'collector', but really I just want to feel less guilty about adding new pieces! I thought I would show you guys some new additions to my 'collection' from the past few months! I got a few new sets for Christmas and then picked up a few for myself in the black Friday and after Christmas sales.

The necklace and earring set above was purchased with Christmas money from my wonderful grandparents. I really wanted a fall colored 1950's set, and this fit the bill perfectly! I can't wait to wear this set this winter and next fall!

 I recently needed to replace my former white/clear rhinestone collection, and needed a new necklace for when I am at my most 50's glam! I received this necklace (Lisner) and beautiful earrings from my parents for Christmas and love love love them! These earrings are great because they match my one other clear rhinestone necklace as well. I actually wore these earrings to work today because they are just so wearable despite the glittering ice like rhinestones.

 I picked up this set back after Thanksgiving for under ten dollars! Crazy right? I was surprised just how awesome this set was when it arrived, great quality and such amazing colors! Sometimes you can find just ridiculously great bargains on Etsy.

 This set filled another 'hole' in my collection, as it were. Up until now I didn't have any matching rhinestone brooch and earring sets. Normally, when I am wearing modern jewelry especially, I am not into matchy-matchy jewelry. That opinion changes completely when it comes to 50's/60's jewelry, I need them to match! This style of jewelry was designed to be bought/worn as a set and was often sold as demi-parures and full parures. I thought this set would match a bunch of colors (teal/green/orange/brown) and I wear a lot of dark orange so it was a good addition.

 This may look like another set, but actually I have owned the pin for years and the new additions are the earrings. I wanted earrings to match with this Weiss brooch, and picked these up on etsy for under ten dollars!

 This last set was a Christmas gift from my brother, he had me pick my own gift out on Etsy, which I didn't mind at all! Again I am all about matching brooch and earring sets right now. I thought this set could pass as a evergreen branch in winter and yet also perhaps as a fern leaf in summer? Perhaps? I really love this set so thank you little brother!

I don't know if you guys like these sort of haul-like posts, I actually love seeing other peoples thrifting hauls or Christmas presents! I have been wearing vintage jewelry a lot more this past year as I have been dressing up more for work. I actually get a lot of comments from customers at work about my jewelry and I always am gushing about Etsy to everyone! It is definitely my favorite place to shop. You will see these pieces again in outfit posts soon!

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  1. Some great sets here, very hard to choose a favourite! Some good bargains too!


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