December 29, 2019

A Long Long Time...No See

A long long time ago...I was consistent with posting here on this blog.

But alas, the galaxy moves on, but not forever! That's right, like a questionable sequel I will return! I have been spending so much time cheating on you all with YouTube I know, but it's because things over here just have got to change. I want to feel free to use this space more like a journal again, put up some different posts, essays even maybe, or reviews, or just rambles. Of course I need to get back to taking outfit photos more often too, so hopefully more of those will be coming soon as well.

Thank you all for hanging in there. Here is my latest very themed lookbook from over on my channel, I hope you enjoy it and have a Happy new Year!

October 31, 2019

A Vintage Style Gothic Lookbook // Happy Halloween!

I know I juuuust put up the Slytherin look book, but I still wanted to put up this other long planned short for Halloween! I created several outfits combining my favorite vintage styles into darker more gothic ensembles, and I even pulled out an old Edwardian gown of mine from my oft forgotten historic costuming closet :)

I had originally planned to put up the Slytherin video earlier in the month which would have made these back to back look books less, well, back to back, but my schedule got all sorts of delayed this month with building my new set. Now I am ready for a serious breather, and to get back to some sewing next week instead!

I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween!

October 25, 2019

Vintage Slytherin Style Lookbook!

After several days of learning how to use power tools, spent covered in wood glue and paint, out having a rummage through the dried flowers and plants outside, and racing through a few last minute sewing projects just to torture myself a bit for good measure, the Slytherin house inspired lookbook is here! 

Oddly enough, I think I could have made even more moody black and green ensembles from the items in my closet, but I am saving a few for another video I will struggle to finish on time for Halloween ;)

The set behind me here, the large green wall, is actually 3 theater "flats" which are false walls build for stage shows and the like. One by threes and plywood, and foam trim cut into wainscoting and glued in place for the full "mansion wall" effect. I pained it an absinthe/minty inspired green this first time, but this set is about to preform many many transformations over the next few months! I knew buying new colors of curtains for my usual set up every time I wanted a change was going to get expensive, so I figured better to invest that money into a real set I could change up dramatically with just a new lick of paint. Now of course I have to make a false floor to pair with it, as the rug solution isn't the best. Back to the home improvement place for some laminate wood flooring in darkest brown to match all future endeavors...

I hope you enjoy these October ready more gothic inspired vintage looks, thank you for watching!

October 20, 2019

Caught In A Web

Really this is more of a summer suit, being short sleeved and cotton twill and all, but it works just as well for warmer autumn days. Perfect for Halloween season really. Here I've paired it here with matching black and a beloved spider brooch from Luxulite.

Truly I am overworking myself like never before, but hopefully if I can have courage (I don't like confrontation!) then I will soon be free of a long distracting responsibility and can devote myself full time to my real objectives with gusto again. It will require some rescheduling, new goal setting, planning, plotting, creative solutions etc, but I think the time to go all in may just be now. Well, it might not be, but necessity demands it. There is only so much time, and I simply cannot afford to waste anymore of it.

Also, if you like this suit, I showed how I made the jacket pattern and sewed it up over on my YouTube channel so I will leave that video here below as well. <3

Suit: Made my be
Earrings: Available here
Shoes: Royal Vintage Shoes
Fishnets: Hanes
Brooch: Luxulite
Hat and Handbag: Vintage

October 14, 2019

Above The Woods

This brown dress has been such a reliable piece in both autumn and winter for me over the last few years. I need to make another in black, these sleeves are just too fun to wear and I don't have a black wool dress in my wardrobe for some absurd reason!

This time I paired the cozy woolen dress with coordinating brown "crocodile" accessories, having recently snatched up this handbag on Etsy for just $12 to wear with my much loved pumps from Remix Vintage Shoes. A matching belt, also found on Etsy a few years back, and some antique brass toned jewelry finished the ensemble. I pulled the brassy yellow to add golden tan gloves too for the chillier elevations.

These photos were shot in Estes Park Colorado and my traveling companion (my mom) and I hiked up a little hill to some odd "ruins" to try and snap some photos after lunch as a local restaurant. It was too nice a day for photography really, I prefer some cloud cover! Then it was time for a jaunt into the very quaint and super local...Starbucks...for some fuel to continue on our way to driving the scenic Peak to Peak highway. We usually drive Guanella pass this time of year, and I have to say, Guanella is a much better drive! More places to stop (for outfit photo shoots, what? Isn't that why everyone else goes to the mountains?) with golden aspens and epic waterfalls, and a nice above-the-tree-line tundra summit. One never knows if another route may be better until they try it I suppose, but I hope to me back to Guanella next year :)

I hope you're all well as fall is now in full swing. I've been having a bit of a rough one so far, finding I am over scheduling and over working myself as usual, but with some new added stressors too that certainly aren't helping! I even tried the much publicized remedy here in Colorado, CBD oil, to try and help me get to sleep easier but found it didn't work for me. Hopefully once I'm done building my new backdrop set for YouTube I'll be able to find a few days to relax.

Happy pumpkin season!

Dress: Made by me
Shoes: Remix Vintage Shoes
Handbag, Belt, & Brooch: Vintage
Gloves: Vintage (gift)
Earrings: I make them, get some here if you'd like :)

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