August 13, 2019

A Green Novelty Rayon Dress

Truly I don't have much to say about this dress, though I do like it, and it's because I made a whole video of how I drafted this pattern and made this dress for my YouTube channel! So if you would like to see this dress from flat paper and fabric to finished, grab a snack for the video below :)

Dress: Made by me
Shoes: Madden Girl (DSW)
Belt, Hat, Handbag, & Jewelry: Vintage 

August 1, 2019

The Kirkland Museum's New Home

If you love 20th century decorative arts, there is one museum here in Denver that just cannot be missed. The Kirkland Museum of Decorative Arts is now just across the street from the Denver Art Museum. They literally moved it, the building itself. Wait, what?

The museum is based around the former studio of Denver artist Vance Kirkland, and his studio indeed used to be several blocks away from where it is now. They lifted the building from it's foundation and wheeled it down to a new location! Now that is dedication. The new location next to Denver's other major art museums does make sense for visitor traffic, but what an undertaking?! Since the museum had been closed for a few year for the move and renovations, my mom and I recently decided to finally stop into downtown to check out the Kirkland's new space.

Luckily the new digs mean the large collection is allowed to breath a bit more and the extra space certainly makes it easier to study the thousands of gorgeous examples of antique and vintage design. Ranging from Art Nouveau to 1960's Mod, the collection ticks all of the boxes for a muti era loving vintage gal like me. 1920's glassware? 1950's furniture? Frank Lloyd Wright anything??? Yes please.

And the Denver Art Museum just so happened to have a midcentury modern exhibition on as well! It all made for a lovely day out, I highly recommend it :)

I wore my green print cotton sateen dress for the day of museum visits. The yellow facade of the new museum building is quite striking no?

Dress: Made by me
Shoes: Royal Vintage
Handbag, Belt, & Jewelry: Vintage
Sunglasses: TJ Maxx 

July 7, 2019

An Escape into Adventure Style : Recent Videos

As usual this year I have been working hard over on YouTube to keep the videos coming! Here are some of my recent videos covering the behind the scenes of making my new set, a video on my favorite fabrics from Joann, and a new adventure style lookbook full of more evening looks! I hope you enjoy them :)

June 30, 2019

An Ode to Cotton Twill

Well what is this? An outfit post? From me? I know, strange. I have been so quiet here this year, turns out I just can't do it all, though I would most certainly like to.

You're not missing much honestly, I'm stuck in my yearly birthday season blues as my 28th birthday looms on the 10th just ahead. No where near my goals as usual, it's hard to stay positive.

This was the outfit I wore on father's day a few weekends back while visiting the Denver Botanic Gardens with my family. It was a very nice day, I even got a bit sunburned despite my large hat, my bad eek. At least it will be an interesting tan line on my back if it decided to say.

I made this ivory twill dress for my recent adventure style look book video, and while I do love the result, I can see that the length of the bodice needs to be taken up about a half an inch and I would change the neckline at the shoulder just a bit for the next version too. Overall it will be a fun new safari ready addition to my summer closet nonetheless. I did a lot of top stitching and extra fiddly work on this one so I am proud of that!

Dress: Made by me
Hat, jewelry, belt, & Clutch: Vintage
Shes: Bait Footwear
Sunglasses: Sunglasses Museum (on Etsy)

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