January 8, 2015

A Twenties Lady of the Manor

 Remember those decadent 1920's bathrooms I showed you a few weeks ago? Well I had to go back to take a few outfit shots in such a perfectly 20's setting. I can't imagine really getting ready in such an opulent bathroom! The paneling and hand painted details are truly amazing, as is the bright yellow color choice! I think I would go for something a little less overwhelming if I were decorating my own space but it sure makes a statement. The dolphin handles on the taps are definitely my favorite part of this room!

 For those who missed my first post about this local historic mansion and its magnificent bathrooms, you can check it out here. The mansion has a plethora of rooms and areas to show you all, and seeing as it is minutes away from my house, you can expect to see a lot of the place this year! Most of the house dates from the 1920's, though the outside is more Tudor revival in style. The mansion is mostly a wedding venue now, and the bedrooms are set up more as spaces for brides to get ready, rather than historic spaces. I did enjoy the velvet chaise all the same!

You might remember this sheer plaid dress from last fall. I wanted to wear it with a more 20's hairstyle this time around. I love my mervin wave clips, perfect waves with minimal effort! It's too bad they are so difficult to find. I want to figure out how to use them to create more 30's looking styles too, especially now that my hair is longer again. I just wish I had these clips back when I had my hair bobbed! 

Dress: Made by me
Tights: Hanes (amazon)
Necklace: Made by me
Bracelets: Vintage
Shoes: Target
Hair comb: Vintage (etsy)


  1. So divine! The setting, and your wonderful dress. Thanks for sharing these pics x

  2. What a stunning photoshoot! The house at the gardens where I got married has ridiculously opulent bathrooms too (it's 1930s I think). We took some photos there in wedding clothes, but I'd love to do so in period costume too.

    1. Thank you Tanith! It must have been a lovely old house, my parents got married at a 20's era castle in California, I'd love to visit it someday!


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