October 7, 2014

A 1920's Plaid Dress

Don't think that with all my talk of Renaissance inspired dresses I have forgotten my equal devotion to the 1920's! I have a few 20's dresses in the works for this fall too, and this sheer navy plaid number is one of them. I used the 'one hour dress' pattern as usual, it really does goes together so quickly and easily!

There are apples on our crab-apple tree in the yard! Cute little baby apples, they aren't exactly edible (Wikipedia tells me they are very sour) but I'm sure the wildlife outside still likes them. Our trees in the yard are in full fall form now, the maple is turning more and more red by the day!

Dress: Made by me
Necklace and Earrings: Made by me
Shoes: Target
Flower Hair Comb: Made by me
Antique Hair Comb: Vintage (Etsy)


  1. Strikingly lovely!!! Plaid is the first pattern I reach for when the mercury starts to plummet and I packed oodles of it with me on our recent travels (including a much beloved 1950s cropped plaid shirt that I wish I could clone in at least 50 other colours and fabrics).

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica! Plaid does just scream fall doesn't it? I'm in the middle of making another plaid dress already!


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