December 18, 2014

Madrigal Holiday Dress

My goal this week was to finish this dress in time to take photos at a local historic venue that is only open two days a week! This is the Highlands Ranch Mansion, the namesake of this little area of suburbia. The original part of the house dates back to the 1880's, but most of the house dates from the turn of the century and 1920's renovations. I hadn't visited in ages, not since we first moved to Colorado back when I was 13, and they have since renovated/restored a lot of the property. The house is mainly used as a wedding venue these days, and retains much of its Renaissance revival charm. I knew the mansion would be the perfect place to shoot photos of this new Renaissance inspired dress!

 I am obsessed with this style of sleeve! I just can't get enough of this Italian Renaissance inspired two piece sleeve with the under-sleeve of cotton/linen puffing through. I only have one more dress planned in this style (I may have to make more!) but I am excited to add at least one more to my closet! I think this dress is much more wearable than the last one I made in this same style.

I added this amazing necklace to my collection this fall, but have found it hard to pair with most of my wardrobe. Luckily it matches this dress perfectly! I love, love, love this necklace! It is so mid-century medieval and I only wish I had matching earrings and a brooch! I am always on the look out to make complete sets out of pieces I already own so I will continue to keep my eyes open!

Dress: Made by me
Necklace: Vintage (etsy)
Earrings: Made by me
Hair Combs: Made by me
Tights: Amazon
Shoes: Target


  1. What a breathtakingly gorgeous for an equally breathkingly stunning dress. It really is a work of art, dear gal. Stellar work!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you ever so much Jessica! I am going to wear it to work tomorrow, hopefully my managers won't mind a bit of Renaissance flair on the sales floor :)

  2. The perfect location for this dress - which I love!! It's so beautiful, and suits you so well. Just gorgeous.

  3. This is astoundingly beautiful! I can't quite get over it, just beautiful


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