December 19, 2014

The Art Deco Bathroom

 Yes, today I am literally posting about bathrooms, it's not the first time I have wandered off into the land of interior decor! Yesterday at the local historic mansion where I took outfit photos I saw some incredible bathrooms! I had seen depictions of decadent art deco bathrooms like the drawing above before, but I had never seen one live! Well the Highlands Ranch Mansion has several extraordinary bathrooms that I just had to show you!

This yellow was a bit more mellow in real life I promise. This huge bathroom was fully paneled like a room out of Versailles, had curved doors leading into cabinets and private toilets, and was home to the cutest pedestal sink I have yet seen! The entire room was hand painted with blue floral accents and was entirely girly and over-the-top!

This next bathroom was gold, black, and red and was again paneled and trimmed out! A different kind of European flair, with painted (stenciled?) ornamental designs. Just look that that gold and burgundy tile work! Then there are the black fixtures, a black tub! Again I am in love with the perfectly period pedestal sink, I want one!

Finally there was this beauty of a room! Like the others, this bathroom was huge and done to the nines! Following and oriental theme, hand painted bamboo covered every inch of the walls, accompanied by pastoral and lake scenes. The fixtures stood out from the shining black tile floor and the entire left wall was covered in large mirrored cabinets/closet space. Just a show stopping room!

I certainly would like such a fabulous bathroom for myself one day, the designers of the Art Deco period certainly had an exuberant attitude towards color and pattern even in the smallest of rooms! I hope you guys enjoyed our peek onto the powder room, I'll be back with more holiday fun soon!


  1. I gasped, literally, audibly, gasped as I scrolled through these photos. These rooms look almost too incredible to be real (still in the 21st century at least). Truly breathtaking in every way. Swoon...double swoon...triple swoon! :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica, I felt exactly the same way walking into each room!


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