June 24, 2014

Hair Comb Hoarder

So, I have actually forbid myself from buying any more hair combs for now. I mean seriously, the line between collecting and hoarding may be fuzzy but I sense it hanging around! I just love them, I'm obsessed! They are the most beautiful accessory and I don't understand why no one is still making them (perhaps one day I will make them myself!) Anyway...I thought I would update you all on my current "collection" by showing you the new additions from this spring. Etsy is such a dangerous place for me! I have always slightly resented Ebay , because I tend to always lose the actions! Over on Etsy though there is no bidding, only beautiful buy it now, and so I tend to do so!

Yellow transparent celluloid with green rhinestones in a large swirling motif, Ebay
Wow! What a beauty right? This comb is rather large and would certainly make quite the statement walking into any room out there! I have moved into colorful combs as you will see below. I just need to make a few more 20's and 30's cocktail/evening dresses to go with these!

Layered black over clear celluloid, bright blue rhinestones, Etsy

Red and teal transparent celluloid, Etsy
These little guys came to me for a steal and in their original box! I was looking out for a red comb but found these twins instead. The teal comb is missing some rhinestones (usually a deal breaker for me, mostly I pledge to never buy any combs/jewelry with missing bits) but the price was too good to let the red one go just because the teal comb needed some TLC. I just need a package of capri blue rhinestones and the teal comb will be back in order.

Layered black over clear celluloid, lime green and emerald rhinestones, Etsy
This comb was kind of an impulse buy because it was priced so well. I really do love it though, it's just so art deco! The rhinestones outline a sort of ribbon that weaves through the spokes of the comb design. I really need a green 20's dress now. 

And then there is this last amazing comb. There are a few motifs I never expected to be able to afford, a spiderweb comb, an Egyptian revival comb and of course a peacock feather comb. Then I saw this comb go up for sale at a ridiculously low price. Turns out the celluloid is already starting to degrade. Yes, celluloid is not forever, in fact it isn't a very stable material at all! This comb has only a tiny start of degradation, so small that it will be years before I have to lovingly lay this beautiful comb to rest. Hopefully before then I will have figured out how to open my own line of repro combs and can cast this guy in a nice strong modern acrylic and love it forever more.

Clear celluloid, blue and green paint accents, blue, green and amber rhinestones, Etsy

Thus, we come to the end of my comb collection, for now! I admit I still stalk Etsy and Ebay every so often to check out whats new. I have promised myself there are strict parameters for any new combs entering my little hoard. I am still on the look out for an Egyptian comb, a white/ivory example and a purple comb. Other than those exceptions, I am not allowed to add any more combs into my online shopping cart! Oh goodness...wish me luck with that guys!

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