June 26, 2014

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

One of my goals this summer is to try and watch older films, and by older I mean 50 years old or more! I have always loved retro and vintage styles but I just haven't seen the films. Netflix classics section to the rescue! Last month I watched How to Marry a Millionare, and then this week I watched Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Both, if I am completely honest, were at times a bit silly (at least by modern standards) but also great fun which is worth the occasional iffy musical number in the case of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

I am starting to understand why people are so obsessed with Marilyn. I never really understood why she was/is so crazy-iconic-popular but there really is something that the camera just loves. Being crazy beautiful helps too of course.

In Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Lorelie Lee and Dorothy Shaw are best friends and a double musical act in one. When Lorelie's uber-rich fiancee's father hires a private detective to find dirt on her to stop the marriage, Dorothy must help her friend try and hold onto her man, all while they sail across the Atlantic to Paris. Occasional hilarity ensues, along with a few musical numbers. I personally didn't enjoy the musical numbers that weren't on stage. As part of the girls act I thought it worked, off stage not so much. It was like they were forcing this film into being a musical when it just didn't have to be.

But lets get real here, half the reason I watch anything is for the clothes and this film didn't disappoint!

Rather iconic red sequin gowns
Lorelie's all about diamonds of course
Spectacular evening wear!

Though there are a few amazing evening gowns in this film I fell hard for this ensemble instead. A gorgeous little matching set with all over soutache embroidery! Being an hourglass myself I am tempted to try and make this outfit for myself, isn't it divine?

I definitely recommend the film if you are new to the classics (like me) and the wonderful actors of older Hollywood. The film is currently on Netflix, and has a relatively short running time if your busy like me! The on-stage musical numbers are great, despite my not liking the off-stage ones. Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russel are a perfect team in this film, and above all the fashion was stunning!


  1. This is one of my fave 50s movies ever!!! MM is fab in it of course, but so is Jane - every bit as much, if not more, I'd go so far as to say. I think she (Jane) was one of the most gorgeous women of all time. Her an Ava Gardner are my vintage Hollywood brunette girl crushes. :)

    Big hugs, the happiest start of summer wishes, and many a thanks for your lovely blog comment today!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Summer wishes to you too! I just have to watch more old Hollywood films, I have never seen any of Ava Gardner's, films can you imagine? I have watching work to do!

  2. It's a cracker of a film isn't it? The book that it's based on is also well worth a read, with so much humour in it! Brilliant stuff. My heart also yearns for that soutache suit.... P x

  3. "I just love finding new places to wear diamonds." Such a lovely film. Like you, I'm trying to push myself to see more good old movies, especially those classics that I keep *meaning* to watch and never seem to get around to!


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