June 22, 2014

Summer Shopping Wishlist

1. Cara Seville Dress, Miskonduct ( $80)
2. Refreshed and Ready Wedge, Modcloth ($28)
3. Vintage Tiki Brooch. Etsy ($7, I already snapped this up!)
4. Adorable Alumna Bag, Modcloth ($45)
5. Magnificent Meadow Dress, Modcloth ($90)
Now that I am sewing again, I should have some new summer dresses whipped up in no time! However, I still find myself longing for the beautiful selection of summer merchandise out there on the interwebs. My trusty wedge heels from last summer are pretty banged up and sad after a year of serious use. The lavender wedge sandals above from Modcloth would be a perfect replacement. I went a bid Modcloth crazy, window shopping all over their website! The tan bag looks like the perfect size to fit my DSLR and not much else, which is exactly what I am looking for. I do wish it came in other colors though, like a nice mint or even a bright red. It is surprisingly hard to find the exact size of bag I am looking for as it has to be wide enough to fit my camera, but I am trying to find something small in general!

I used to have two dresses made from this classic Butterick pattern (#B4790) that slips over your head and then buttons in the back and then over again in the front. Some people online have stated that they experience a lot of fitting problems with this pattern and that it doesn't come out looking like the picture. This has never been my experience with this pattern, and so it has become one of my favorites over time. I am dreaming of a few new 4790 dresses. I'm thinking a nice tropical print with navy and yellow tones (to match my new vintage brooch as seen above!) and perhaps a black and red option. I like how the neckline on this dress is a bit higher so that I can wear brooches with it. I am now a brooch addict too, oh dear!

I also bought Butterick #B5880 a while back and after reading a few reviews am eager to give it a try! I have a few fabrics I will have to measure to see if I have enough to eek out this dress. I better make a muslin, but I am usually too impatient to bother! It's something I am trying to work on, to save myself headaches and the despair of having something not fit once it's finished! I better go get started, of course I will show you all the results of my sewing adventures later this week!

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