September 2, 2019

The Grand Tour

I had this delightful moment recently where I needed to force myself to take a few days "off", a break if you will, and what did I decide? Oh I'll make a dress, off camera, just for me, a nice easy project.

So I pulled out this gorgeous sateen from Mood Fabrics with it's detailed watercolor print and decided to finally put it to use. A simple design, high neckline, all in one sleeves, just an A-line skirt, but then thanks to this beautiful took me AGES to cut out this project! I wanted to get the print placement just right of course. So much for quick easy projects.

I always think the downside to digital print fabrics is the loss of depth in the colors, like, this print is super pretty, but the background isn't so much black as it is a dark grey...which is fine, but it would be crisper if it was a truly rich black. The trade offs of this print, which does come in white or a camel tan as well, if you are interested. The do still have this print over on! I also bought it in the cotton poplin (this is the cotton sateen) in white, so I'll have a crane blouse eventually too once I get around to that.

The print is "upside-down" for one of the back skirt panels in the end, by the way, but I wanted the fronts to be just so, hence, compromises.

The nice thing about this dress is that because it isn't strictly retro I felt free to wear it with some more epic cut crease eye shadow. I do like playing around with extra fun makeup sometimes :) The tutorial for this look can be found on my much neglected beauty channel as well here:

Outfit Details:
Dress: Made by me
Belt: Target
Clutch: Club Monaco (Vintage/Etsy)
Shoes: Remix Vintage Shoes
Jewelry: Vintage


  1. That dress is beautiful. The print on the fabric is fabulous. I remember seeing it in one of your haul videos. I'm glad to see what you've made from it.

  2. Is this a self-drafted dress or a pattern? It looks amazing on you, but I hear you on the investment of time for print placement!

    1. Thank you! Yes this is my usual kimono sleeve block pattern :)

  3. This look is GORGEOUS. It was my favorite in your recent lookbook, the makeup and dress go amazingly together!


  4. The dress is awesome, that eye makeup is bombshell, but the most beautiful thing? Your hair!! UGH SO FAB!

    1. Thank you Nora! I love wearing it this way now, even if it is not very vintage of course ;)


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