February 5, 2019

Scarves & Beautiful Shoes : Cataloging Catalogs MW S/S 1950

I know if any of you love shoes the way I do, you are going to be crazy about several pairs from these Montgomery Wards catalog pages from Sping/Summer 1950! So many perfect options for a spring and summer wardrobe, it's just too bad we can't all place an order. I particularly would like the "pepper green" heels with the "graceful leaf applique on vamp" and the multicolored sandals in cotton twill.

I hope you all enjoy these pages! I just have a few more from this 1950 catalog (the fabrics/textiles section!) and then this catalog will officially be as scanned as I plan on doing. When I scan these I of course focus on the women's fashions and fabrics, but these catalogs have it all, menswear, children's clothes, farm equipment, car parts, seeds, furniture, you name it. As the fashion matters most to me, and scanning these is a process on my little scanner, I have no plans to scan an entire catalog any time soon. I may put a few of the catalogs that I have finished with up for sale on Etsy sometime. They really are a fun resource to have, but I'm just here for the clothes if we're honest eh?

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