January 28, 2019

Get In Line

There is always a long list of to do's in life. Right now for me it's all about juggling YouTube, this blog, Instagram, my day job, getting enough sleep, and the most important component of my life of all-- writing.

And this weekend, writing was winning.

I'm going to let it keep winning honestly. And enything else?

Well, it can get in line.

Top & Skirt: made by me
Shoes: Bait Footwear
Hosiery: Hanes (Amazon)
Handbag & Jewelry: Vintage


  1. So sophisticated. Recovering from a motorbike crash, my beautiful new bike and I are all bashed up and it wasn't our fault. This is my current daywear atm haha https://www.boutiquemarron.com/laduree/laduree-x-uniqlo/

    Any Netflix / movie recommendations that don't include blood would be much appreciated.

  2. I'm trying to make writing more of a priority this year. Blogging and youtube are fab and all, but writing is really always where my heart has been. <3
    I LOVE your new hair! That undercut is so good! And, that blouse is just perfect.


  3. Beautiful blouse! I have ogled that fabric in the store many times and wondered what to do with it: what a great use of this fabric!

  4. Yesss girl to this entire look, from head to toe!

  5. Aaah you look so stylish! That blouse is just lovely, and your hair is perfect. Is the brooch Bugbee and Niles? It has that look.

    Life juggling is so hard... I'm trying to make more time for myself on Sundays, and it's sort of working.

  6. I love the sweet-wrapper shine on the blouse and shoes! It looks great against the black.

  7. Your top (and the marvellous match with the shoes) has brightened up a very wintry day in the UK! Kx

  8. Love this outfit and your hair is so sharp! Marvellous look.


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