January 11, 2019

Winging It

Rather a "true" vintage filled outfit all in all, only the shoes and the sweater I have on underneath my suit here are modern items. Yet, nobody was really winging their eyeliner quite like this in 1948 were they?

But eyeliner is fun, make up in general is fun, so alas, here we are.

That's right, I'm winging it, but today I actually have a surge of motivation, a sudden energy to plan and get things done and dream big. These brief moments of charge never last, so I've got to live it up here while I can. Still, on the whole I'm feeling better this week, and certainly better than I felt this time last year.

Last January I felt quite low, until inspiration struck and then I threw everything else aside to write a novel all spring. As much as I want to keep my other plates spinning now...I'd be lying if I didn't say I dream of such a wondrous thing happening all over again. So if I disappear, it may be because I've chained myself to my desk again to dive into another world.

Also, I love this suit. The hat is new, a Christmas gift from my parents and it is in such good condition I looove it. I want one in every color now!

Suit, Hat, Gloves, Scarf, Brooch, Handbag, & Earrings: Vintage
Shoes: Sofft (Nordstrom)
Fishnets: Amazon


  1. That suit is fabulous! I rarely have completely vintage outfits but it's my goal to someday find a vintage suit that entirely fits me. Usually the hips are too small. Which is expected. And I LOVE that hat!

  2. Beautiful hat!

    I love your eyeliner- your liner and eyebrows are always so perfect.

  3. I absolutely adore this grey and navy pairing!!! You look fantastic!

    I was feeling the January slump too.


  4. If this is winging it, pity the rest of us!! This shot is so lovely, and I really like the navy notes. Kx

  5. Such a good suit! The hat is adorable, do your parents have such excellent taste or did you pick it out yourself? X

  6. Marvellous suit and eyeliner! I am hopeless at it. Lovely hat, great present from your parents.


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