January 14, 2019

Earning Some Gray Stripes

Stripes of gray on my suit, and wait...in my hair? I don't know, I notice my grey hairs in these photos but perhaps you will only see them now I have pointed them out to you? I'm 27 by the way, what the heck hair? No, no, actually I kinda like them. I tried to dye my hair grey last year (which failed) after all, I don't really mind if it does it on its own. The rest of my hair color is super faded as well too, but I have a cut and color coming up shortly, so I'll have renewed hair for the new year soon :)

This suit always makes me feel like a flight attendant. I mean, like a chic flight attendant, but still. It's the shade of blue I think. Please do not come to me for information on the emergency exits! I was wishing I had a more solid black silk scarf to pair with this ensemble, but I had to go for one with some yellow gold too. I have a hard time finding more solid colored silk scarves, I am always on the hunt for them. I tried pairing this suit with dark chocolate brown accessories too, but still I lacked the proper scarf to finish the look. My accessories collection is still incomplete!

Also, this is probably a 1950's suit, and I have 1940's victory rolls here, but eh? And then 1960's make-up...but eh? Mix eras, have fun, do whatever! 

Suit, Handbag, Gloves, Jewelry, and Scarf: Vintage
Shoes: Royal Vintage Shoes
Hosiery: Hanes (Amazon)


  1. This blue is just gorgeous. I am not sure it would work for me, but it's a colour made for you. I love your hair too! Kx

  2. I can´t see any grey hairs..maybe it is the light?
    This shade of blue is really nice and i love the bunny brooch!

    Love, Sandra

  3. I tend to mix eras to, especially with hair.

  4. While I love the suit and its details, I can't *not* see the details as little wi-fi hotspots now that I've seen it. Also, I love your hair like that!

  5. Oooh this suit is fantastic! I think mixing eras keeps things fresh and after all, I feel as though they would have mixed eras back in the day as well. Waste not want not and all!

  6. It looks amazing. Those little details are the sort of thing you just don't see on garments any more... as much as I love the styles of garments of yesteryear, I sometimes think I mourn the decline in quality every bit as much.

  7. Wonderful suit and a great hair do. Love the handbag.

  8. I love this suit! And your hair is flawless!!!



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