August 1, 2018

VII : Monthly Round Up July


-My favorite outfit post from this last month had to be my new white sateen dress, especially since I didn't get much else sewn this month, and also didn't get a chance to get many outfit photos either!

-Over on YouTube I vlogged about starting a new series documenting my attempts at the side hustle called Side Husselen and finally got my 5,000 subscriber celebratory Q&A up... even if I had to split it into two parts.

This month was actually quite the struggle even after starting stronger with a nice week leading up to my 27th birthday. I don't really want to say everything went downhill from there....but everything sort of went downhill from there as I got way behind on blogging, lost the time to sew or write thanks to my day job picking up, and generally fell apart at the seams a bit. I'm picking up the threads now and trying to re-prioritize my goals for maximum efficiency! Just keep swimming.


-I finally watched CAROL!!!! I hadn't watched it because I was afraid it was going to be very homophobic (not the film itself, the 1950's setting) and was only going to make me sad. With the lack of quality queer girl films out there though, I got finally desperate and gave it a chance. It was more hopeful than I thought it would be, the soundtrack was amazing, the costumes were gorgeous, and the acting was wonderful. If only Cate Blanchette would renounce Woody Allen then she and I could be true friends again...come on Hollywood, do better!

-Only Yesterday. One of the last few Ghibli films I hadn't seen (I think I have one or two more?). Beautiful from start to finish, and so relatable for my late twenties self! The main character Taeko is constantly being reminded and musing over the fact that she is now 27, which was great because I just turned 27 and this film is basically all about people's expectations of someone at that age. Taeko isn't married yet, something must be wrong with her right? She prefers to spend her precious vacation time in the countryside helping on a farm instead of somewhere tropical, what a weirdo right? Just beautiful, and real, and I'm sure I'll be re-watching it again soon.

-The Latest Fab Gabs lookbook isn't just good, it's flat out ridiculously goo, so inspiring, and just stunning S T U N N I N G!!! Everything is gorgeous, the color pairings have slayed me, and the striped 1940's multicolor jacket inside has got to be one of the most amazing pieces of 1940's clothing that I have ever laid eyes on.

-Have you all seen the fall previews for the next Royal Vintage Shoes collection? I need the snow shoes! I can't decide on what else I may have to snap up, but in an ideal world it would be one of each...

-I have not heard the actually original version of this new Ariana Grande song, because, I don't listen to most modern music lets be honest, but this cover by several YouTube musicians dodie, Julia Nunes, and Orla Gartland is sooooooooo good. God is a Woman.

-Also, Florence and the Machine's new album High as Hope. The only issue with this album is that it needs to be even longer. I am in love with the Big God video.

What were your best discoveries in July?


-Finish two sewing projects. Just two, I can do that right? A new dress and a white eyelet blouse preferably.

-Start some sort of fitness routine again. It's been way too long you guys!

-Try to be less hard on myself and do better at ignoring the unavoidable curse of time speeding up's new tattoo time you guys, seriously. I'm waiting for a little tax return check to come in the mail and I'm going for a walk in. No appointment, in the moment, and I can't freaking wait!

Happy August everyone, lets crush it yeah?


  1. Not sure I discovered anything in July... unless it's "If I keep gardening, the garden stays looking relatively nice." You're way more productive than I am!

    1. Thanks Mim! Gardening sounds lovely, I'd love to have a garden to maintain one day ;)

  2. Sounds like a good month of discoveries. I've been catching up on your videos, have really enjoyed them.


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