June 21, 2018

Tendency Toward Tropical

This tropical print cotton and linen blend fabric ended up jumping in my cart when I placed an order from Fabric.com last month. The colors just captured my fancy and since it was inexpensive I picked up two yards. I was able to make this simple A-line dress to wear in the summer heat and I'm really happy with how it came out! 

This time I wore it with red coral jewelry and tan leather accessories, but in the future I think I could wear it with navy or green just as easily. Perhaps I could even pull out the pink to use an accent, though it can be difficult to find truly matching pink colored accessories. I recently did pick up a light pink 1950's/60's purse though, so light pink is certainly on my collecting agenda! I keep telling myself to save some money so I can get a new tattoo this summer, but that kinda thing never seems to work out for me as I'm always falling for lovely vintage things on Etsy...oops!

Today has been full of  prepping for filming and filming a videos. I really need to force myself to get to bed earlier tonight though because I have been staying up much too late the past few nights and it's catching up to me! Tomorrow will be a day full of video editing, and the one I'm working on this weekend is certainly going to be a bit different than I have done before topic wise. Its got me nervous, but there really is nothing to be nervous about! You'll all see what I mean soon. For now I've got to get back to it, so I'll see you all again soon :)

Dress & Jewelry: Made by me
Shoes: Chelsea Crew
Clutch & Parasol: Vintage
Belt: Target


  1. The colours in the dress are really beautiful, and so full of summer! Kx

  2. I love every bit of this style, it's perfect for every sort of outing I go out on these days! The colours and the style match beautifully.

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  3. I love all of the colors in this dress! And as you elaborated, it is certainly a very versatile dress with accessories and color pairings! I love the purse too!



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