May 3, 2018

Plenty of Pleats Please

There is nothing quite like the beauty of a Japanese garden. Now that it has stopped snowing and the world is turning green again, the other gardens at the Denver Botanic are starting to bloom again, but the Japanese gardens are of course stunning all year round. 

This new-- well  I say new, but it is 1980's vintage-- pleated skirt is fulfilling all of my Dior new look desires for the moment, though even for me there comes a point where a skirt is just too long and I think this one crosses that threshold! I have never hemmed a permanent pleated skirt like this one before though, so I'm not sure if I want to dive into that task just yet. For it's first wearing I paired the skirt with my favorite little cotton twill jacket and some other navy and white accessories. The navy straw hat with red sandwiched in the brim edging is another new addition to my closet as well. I have a hard time passing up nice straw hats! The flowers on top are merely pinned on for now, I like the versatility of temporarily trimming my hats for different looks. 

Speaking of different looks, lets talk about make-up for just a second. I have been slowly upgrading my make-up bag over the past few years and I recently decided to get an actually nice eyebrow pencil (of all things...) since I had been wanting to change up the shape of my brows. I have been growing back some of my natural fuller eyebrow shape for a while and using the pencil (Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil for anyone wondering) to fill in the blanks. It's funny how something as simple, and even a bit silly (eyebrow shape?) can change the way you look at your own face, but I really like the change! A bit bolder, but so far I like it. 

I'm looking forward to getting a little bit of sewing started this weekend and working on some new videos! What are you all up to this weekend?

Jacket: Made by me
Skirt, Hat, Clutch, Brooch, Earrings, & Gloves: Vintage
Fishnets: Amazon
Shoes: Chelsea Crew


  1. I was thinking that your makeup looked a little different! I really like the fuller brow shape on you, it's very flattering. This outfit is definitely giving me those New Look vibes, and I love the red, white, and blue - maybe you should bust this out again for Memorial Day!

    1. Thank you Jessica! It is rather unintentionally patriotic looking, but red white and blue just looks so great together :)

  2. I love this outfit! Especially the navy jacket. After many years of wearing almost nothing but black I've discovered a new love for navy. I particularly like the orange/red of your accessories(I may be mistaken but it looks an orangey red on my screen). I too noticed a difference in your make up but couldn't put my finger on it until you mentioned brows. I think the more natural brow shape looks so good on you!

    1. Thank you Carol! I added navy and dark brown into my wardrobe a few years ago after years of devotion to only black and have enjoyed the versatility variety allows. These gloves are definitely more of an orangey red compared to some of my other red pairs!

  3. Great eyebrows! This is a great way to wear a pleated skirt.


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