May 24, 2018

Mirror Mirror

Does this dress look familiar? Well it is nearly a twin for the dress I wore in Monday's post! The necklines and silhouettes are the same. Monday's dress has a kimono sleeve and this one has set in sleeves, and this one is also just shy of being a true circle skirt, but they are still very similar. Dresses made over a year apart, but when you like a style, it gets repeated no?

It was oddly very overcast and grey when we took these photos near the end of the day last weekend, so please forgive the odd lighting. The flowers didn't seem to care, and so many fun little varieties were in bloom. I just love the bleeding hearts! They look fake they are so cute. 

It's oddly difficult to accessorize this dress despite the many colors in the print to pull from. I suppose I just don't have enough dark orange or teal accessories to form sets like I would normally. These teal suede heels are rather modern for my usual tastes these days, but when I spotted them in DSW a few years ago for a bargain price they were too hard to pass up. They came in bright magenta too I remember and I wish now I had picked up both colors as they really are quite pretty shoes. I wish I had more to wear them with, or a matching belt at least. I want a 1 inch wide suede belt in every color, with covered buckles please. Sometimes I can find them from the 1980's, but haven't had luck with belts in the last year.

I hope you are all doing well this week. I've been trying to finish up a new dress and just have to hem it. It's got a gathered skirt which I'm just not used to on me, but I'll show you all and you can tell me if I am just being silly and should wear gathered skirts more often. I always figure gathers add bulk right where I don't need any more! Ah we humans sure are silly sometimes. I'm off to film a video now but I hope you all have a most wonderful Friday! 

Dress: Made by me
Shoes: DSW
Fishnets: Amazon
Gloves, Earrings, & Clutch: Vintage
Belt: Banana Republic Outlet


  1. Marvelous job on the dress!!! And, yes, I totally repeat styles/cuts I love too. When you're comfy and feel good in something, it's hard not to repeat!

    While modern, those shoes are a perfect fit! And I don't blame you not being able to pass them up! That is a hard color to find, as is magenta!!!


    1. Thank you Janey! I should have gotten the magenta too!! It is much safer however to avoid going into DSW all together ;)

  2. This is another beautiful dress, Bianca! When you find such a perfect style then it makes absolute sense to repeat it often. Can't wait to see the new dress and I'm sure it will suit you perfectly. Carol x

  3. That neckline is so graceful, it's no surprise you have it in a couple of dresses. (Besides, lots of things have roundnecks or v-necks, so why not more sweetheart necklines?) It's a lovely outfit.


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