April 30, 2018

Greenhouse Magnolia

This past weekend I finally was able to truly start enjoying the warm spring weather and flowering world after a bit of a rough April. You know what they say though, April showers, May flowers and all that, so hopefully I'm about to have the most absurdly amazing May to make up for some of the rain I've been experiencing recently...

Which isn't to say April was all bad, writing and finishing the book I was working on felt amazing! Plus I made some really awesome (savings injuring...oops) vintage finds, including 2 new plasticflex clutches that I can't wait to wear and show all of you. Still, something I need to work on is actually acknowledging when I am feeling sad or have had a bad day. That might sound strange, but I tend to really just push past/through or not even acknowledge what I am feeling a lot of the time. I struggle with allowing myself to think "hey, you know what, today was just a bad day, and that's okay". Mostly I need to feel I have gotten closer to my goals, gotten real work done, accomplished or made something for a day to really "count". Any day when I am both frustrated with my progress towards my goals, and then also don't achieve anything to move me towards those goals, feels like a failure, but like...you can't punish yourself for having a bad day right? That's just not reasonable! Something I am trying to work on. Perhaps it is the American way, this narrative that if you are not actively adding/creating value (and here in the States that mostly just means $$$) then you are wasting time/space. Anyone else a robot who doesn't let themselves feel?

Well that got surprisingly deep. Back to fashion and flowers. The last time I wore this magnolia patterned dress was at a pink brick castle in France, but I suppose gardens in Denver are nice too. This time I paired the dress with one of my favorite hats (don't I say that about every hat?) and black accessories. I honestly find it surprising just how comfortable these Remix heels are every time I wear them, it't just so unusual for heels to be that comfortable, but I could (and have) worn these for hours with zero pain and I find it almost odd. I suppose I should plan to add the other colors they come in to my wardrobe eventually ;) The net gloves I have on here are actually not vintage but new versions of an old style picked up in an unlikely place. I bought them at the V&A museum gift shop back in 2012. It's so hard to find larger sizes of gloves that I simply couldn't pass them up, even then when I wasn't even really wearing vintage much yet. My glove collection has really grown and what I have learned is that shades of blue are oddly the hardest to find! I cant seem to find royal blue (or teal, or slate, or periwinkle, or that sort of air force blue color...) gloves in a size 7 1/2 or 8 no matter how often I refresh Etsy and Ebay. I might just have to get a pair in white and have a dyeing adventure!

I hope you all had a good weekend and spring has sprung wherever you are out there as well. I am looking forward to the later half of this week when I will get the time to record and edit some new videos, as I am really exciting to start jumping back into video making now that I am taking a small break from editing. As ever, so much to do and make, and never enough time for it all.

Dress: Made by me
Belt, Hat, Clutch, & Jewelry: Vintage
Shoes: Remix
Gloves: V&A giftshop
Fishnets: Amazon 

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  1. I know the feeling of being driven to be constructive - it's important to remind ourselves that it's okay to do things simply because they're fun, sometimes!


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