March 26, 2018

Rainbow Ribbon

Two favorite items in one outfit; this black suit jacket that I adore and wear all the time, and this rainbow striped hat that I am forever relieved I managed to snag off of Etsy. This hat had been in my favorites list on Etsy for ages before I finally broke down and purchased it, and thank goodness no one else snapped it up first because I love it so so much! The suit jacket on the other hand (1/2 part of my trusty black suit) was a riskier purchase, one of those ones where the images in the listing aren't super great and hitting buy now feels a bit dangerous. I've been burned from such listings before, but this suit was the best gamble I have perhaps ever made shopping online!

A very 1940's ensemble for a day out running a few errands around suburbia, but I have to commend the gal at my dry cleaners who didn't even flinch when I ran in to pick up a few things dressed like this! Trust me, sometime I get some rather odd looks in my corner of town dressing how I do, but I never mind. I was picking up another black suit from the cleaners actually, a new later 1950's number that will be the more mid-century answer to the black jacket I am wearing here. If I could have an entire closet full of vintage black suiting I would be a happy gal. One day perhaps! I'll show you all the new suit soon, but first I've got to sew the buttons back on and let out the skirt in the hips a bit...

Once again I have been more missing in action than ever, but I am so close now to finishing the project that has consumed me for the entirety of the year so far. 130,000 words later and I still have a tiny bit left to go...yikes! That's a bit long for a manuscript, but it's just a rough draft right? I better find someone else to edit it and tell me what to cut, because I am much to attached to each and every chapter. For those of you that have been reading this year, what has been the best book you have read this year so far? When I am finished with this draft I need to take a break and dive into some other media for a while!

Jacket, Skirt, Hat, Gloves, Jewelry, Scarf, & Hat: Vintage
Fishnets: Amazon
Shoes: Royal Vintage Shoes
Clutch: Thrifted


  1. That hat is just so utterly marvelous! And I adore the brooch pairing!


  2. Such a special hat!
    Well done on the impressive word count xx

  3. Any glances you get are probably because you look fabulous.

    Hmm, best book read this year... that's kind of tricky because I review for work (I review SF/fantasy novels for SFX magazine) so a lot of what I read isn't actually what I choose to read. I'm currently enjoying rereading some old favourites, going through the Harry Dresden novels right from the start. They're hardly highbrow but they are jolly good fun.

    1. That sounds like such an awesome thing to do for work to me honestly! I must make more time to read again as soon as I finish this manuscript!

  4. Love that hat! Well done on your big writing project! I've been reading quite a bit of a Young Adult fiction recently. I've just finished How to Hang a Witch by Adriana Mather and The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson, both of which I really enjoyed.


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