February 19, 2018

Sepia Sun

The battle between winter light and I continues ever on, so I'm sorry if you would have liked to see the details on this lovely Heyday repro blouse because they were lost in the fight!

Today I bring you a more casual look for a weekend in the mountains perhaps. Even glamour girls went on weekends away to a cozy cabin I image. Sadly I myself did not escape on a weekend getaway, but I have been thinking about it! The idea of going away for a few days on a bit of a writing retreat is starting to sound quite doable and dreamy. Perhaps once I have the first draft of my new project finished I should escape to the Rockies for a few days to edit it? An interesting idea...

A few pieces of this ensemble were wonderful presents from this last holiday season, and I tried on this lovely plaid skirt the moment I unwrapped it! I'm happy it fits perfectly as one can never have too many plaid wool skirts in my opinion. The curved wire B brooch was another gift and felt like the perfect accent for this more everyday vintage inspired look. This looser blouse style and sturdy wool skirt combination feels so very forties and casual to me since I've been wearing a lot of suits lately. I don't think this particular style of blouse is available any longer, which is a shame because I would have liked to of picked up one in the dark red shade they offered as well. Of course nicer reproduction items can cost nearly as much or more than the real thing sometimes so it wasn't in the budget. I'll just have to make a similar sewing pattern some time so I can have a 40's blouse in every color. Like a chartreuse silk perhaps ;)

I hope you all had a great weekend despite the continuing and ever present bad news here in the US over the past few...well, years. We need new gun legislation in my country something terrible, but no one wants to take action. Being able to escape into vintage fashion feels frivolous but also somewhat necessary. As much as a temporary distraction can help, do remember to update your voter registration and put as much kindness into the world you can, because like our 1940's predecessors, we live in challenging times. <3

Skirt & Brooch: Wonderful gifts!
Blouse: Heyday Vintage repro
Shoes: Modcloth
Fishnets: Amazon
Clutch, Earrings, & Gloves: Vintage
Beret: Paris tourist stand


  1. There are such lovely colours in these photos, and they go with the beautiful, slightly muted, natural colours of your skirt so well.Kx

  2. Beautiful photos as always! I love the way you've pulled this outfit all together with the burgundy of the beret, shoes and clutch and then the more orange gloves that highlight the lines in the plaid. It would be a great ensemble for the Autumn. xx

    1. Thank you Cate! I was struggling to figure out which gloves to pair with this outfit since I don't have a good tan-ish grey or a aqua toned teal pair in my wardrobe yet, but luckily the red/orange stripe in the plaid matched these!

  3. This skirt is marvelous!

    I also applaud you for addressing the issues we are having in the US. It is just appalling right now.



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