February 22, 2018

Checks and Wings

Got to be excited about a new suit right? This one's not quite right in winter since it's rayon instead of wool, but on a warmer day? Why not. It has snowed again since, so I'll be layering up in wool once more.

I paired this lovely vintage suit with matching navy blue accessories, golden tan gloves, and a brushed gold owl brooch. With my Royal Vintage brown and white Peggy heels, the ensemble was fun to wear, but I'm not sure this suit is exactly a perfect fit. I may need to cut back on the cookies a bit for it to lie totally smooth, but I really do love me a nice cookie so eh? Sometimes it's hard to have your vintage suit and eat your cookie too, but I'll endeavor to make it work ;) The years where I used to torture myself about that kinda thing are thankfully over. Finding vintage items that really truly fit is always a challenge, which is why I usually rely on sewing to make most of my vintage dream clothing items a reality. I've had a couple of vintage buying hits recently, and a few wobbles, but when you are ordering online you really just never know what things will actually fit like when they get to your door. I've got a lovely 1940s rayon dress to show you soon if it will just warm up enough I can wear it without freezing!

I actually managed to do a tiny bit of sewing this week, turning an old dress into a skirt since I'd never been happy with how the bodice fit. Gotta salvage a project if you can! Other than that it has been writing, writing, and more writing. One day I hope to share my fiction work with you all too, but we'll have to see. For now writing for myself is enough, because when it's this fun I just can't stop ;)

Suit, Clutch, Gloves, & Jewelry: Vintage
Shoes: Royal Vintage Shoes
Fishnets: Amazon
Beret: Paris tourist stand


  1. The suit looks great! And life's too short to pass on the cookies, isn't it? Clothes should fit bodies, not the other way around. Of course, that's much easier to say when there isn't a gorgeous piece staring you in the face!

  2. Such lovely colour combination and I think it's perfect with the backdrop too! It's a darling suit and fits you so well! I love that pocket details!

    1. Thank you Nora! I love having this barn nearby, it's so useful for photos now the plants around here will be dead until May!

  3. This suit looks lovely, a good find. Love the bag too.


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